When to use High Headlight Beam

Learn When to use High Headlight Beam

High Headlight Beam

A vehicle’s high headlight beams are very useful but when they are not used properly, they become a source of trouble for you and other people on the road. This makes it important for you to follow the rules that govern the use of headlight beams so you would know the right time to use them and avoid serious injury, accident and death. This is one of the driving safety issues that you will learn from a driving school.

When you are driving at night and you are in a dark area, you have to use your high beams so you will be able to see animals that may cross the street and road curves that you did not anticipate. But, when there is another vehicle that runs opposite to you in the other lane, you must turn off the high beams at least 500 feet from the vehicle. A driving school education will make you aware that high beams are very bright and may distract other drivers. You will only wait for the other driver to pass and you can turn your high beams again when there is no incoming vehicle.

When you are on the road at night where a couple sides of it are divided by a median, it is not necessary to turn off your high beams if the oncoming motorist is driving his vehicle from a minimum distance of 500 feet as he passes your vehicle. However, a lot of motorists turn off the high beams out of usual courtesy. You may not be able to anticipate when you will be hit by a beam the incorrect way so it remains a good idea to turn off the beams for other motorists. When you are educated in a driving school, you will know more about other forms of road courtesy.

At daytime, oncoming traffic will be distracted by high beams especially when the sun is up. Therefore, you should turn off the beams unless it is rainy or dark. There are a lot of drivers who use high beams even during daytime; however, this may not be a safe practice because high headlight beams of vehicles can distract other drivers and will lead to possible accidents.

Driving safety is an important issue that motorists must consider as they learn how to drive either from a certified driving school or by themselves. Keep in mind that a good driving practice will include the proper use of the lights of your vehicle. You should also consider the possible consequences when a driver is distracted. As high headlight beams may cause distractions, the right uses of these tools should be a main concern.  After taking a driving school course, prepare yourself to take the real driving experience that will get you exposed to the real driving world. The proper use of headlight beams should be practiced to ensure the safety of all people on the road. You can put yourself to the situation when you will be distracted by other drivers so you will fully understand why you should practice just safe driving.

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