Top tips on how to properly drive on a busy and fast interstate highway

Tips on how to drive safely

Properly Drive on an Interstate Highway

Driving on an interstate highway can actually be easier and somewhat safer than on main roads since not much obstacles to stop you are available like traffic lights, stop signs and pedestrian lanes. Still, it is important to apply all the tips learned from Driving School on how to safely drive on a busy and fast highway.

When trying to merge onto the highway, Driving education has taught us it is important to reach the proper speed to make sure the traffic flow does not change. Using on-ramps would be ideal as it is functioned to give you space in order to reach the proper speed when merging to a highway. Do not slow down or stop waiting for a space to open.

Another no-no for most Driving School manuals would be never to stop on a highway or breakdown lane unless it is necessary. A lot of accidents have occurred at highways where the car abruptly stops because of several non-emergency reasons like potty breaks, stretching the legs or looking at the map. These activities should be done only after exiting the highway. In case there is a legitimate emergency, make sure to move as far to the right as possible as per your Driving education rule. Find active breakdown lanes and proceed to slow down only when you reach that lane.

Nothing can be more dangerous than having the need to back up on a highway, probably because you missed an exit. Driving School instructors would clearly emphasize no to back up for anything. If you missed the intended exit, go to the next exit and turn around legally. Although there are crossover lanes cars can use to make a U-turn, it is still dangerous and are only allowed to be used by emergency vehicles like ambulances.

Driving education lectures have often stressed how important having a wide and clear vision especially while driving at a busy and fast interstate highway. Utilize all the mirrors you have but avoid relying on it too much especially when changing lanes since blind spots cannot be seen. Several Driving School institutions have even included skills on how to properly utilize vision such as turning the head to get a direct visual check of the space you are moving into.

Also make sure to know the different functions of a right lane, left lane and middle lane. Right lanes are used when trying to enter or exit a multilane highway. Left lanes are used cautiously when trying to pass or overtake another car. As one has learned from Driving education, middle lanes have several functions such as an entry point once you were able to successfully merge on traffic and a path to allow you to overtake a car.

And lastly, basic Driving School 101 would dictate that when you encounter an emergency vehicle while driving on the highway, make sure your car moves to the right and to let it pass on your left side. There is no need to stop or slow down as emergency car drivers are trained to pass you on the left lane.

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