Why Diligent Observation is Important in City Street Driving

Learn why diligent observation is important in city street driving.

City Street Driving

Some drivers are trying to take another route to avoid the busy streets in the city where many one way or two way and intersections are confusing. This may lead them to navigate unfamiliar city streets. Besides there are more expected vehicles and pedestrians in confined area on city streets. So, if you will drive in the city, you must avoid the busiest time of the day. This is the time when people start going home from their work which will cause a lot of congestion in all business areas. If you are a new driver, enrolling in a driving school will help you familiarize the routes to avoid traffic.

Before traveling in unfamiliar city streets, try planning your way first with a navigator or a map to avoid confusion along the way. You must know the streets you are going in every turn you make to avoid signaling in the last minute. Always look ahead for before approaching an intersection. If you are a learner in a driving school, you must be aware that mostly city blocks are provided with restricted lanes in every direction. If you stop at light signal, take time to look ahead at the direction of your route. Make a turn in a direction where you are sure that it is legal and safe.

City streets can be very confusing to student drivers. If you want to make sure you will be taking the right road, you can hire a private driving instructor from a driving school or you may ask a family member with a valid driver’s license to accompany you. Be familiar with the divider lines on the road for this can be the quickest way to know if you are in a one way or two way street aside from looking at the one way signs. The yellow line signifies that the road is a two way while the whit e line is for one way streets. This skill of familiarizing signs is included in the basic instruction in a driving school education. If you have noticed that you are in the wrong way, you can just simply find the safest place to pull over and turn around. Don’t panic the other drivers will give you way until you will be able to turn around.

If you enter in a wrong lane, do not quickly swerve to change lane where you should be. Wait until it is safe for you to change lane. When you take a practical test, you will be with your driving school instructor who will teach you that as you approach an intersection, you must take a quick glance on your left, then center and right before you proceed. This is because in the busy streets in the heart of the city, there are many drivers who are in a rush and would try to run red lights and beat the yellow lights. A quick glance on every direction will help you prevent collisions with other novice drivers. If the area you are entering is not familiar to you, stay on the right lane unless you know that you are going on the left.

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