What are the consequences if I commit a driving under influence violation?

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Driving Under Influence Violation

The growing number of accidents on the road has generally made the government to implement a law which makes driving under the influence of alcohol illegal. This is the reason why driving schools are offering programs that teach aspiring drivers the dangers of operating a vehicle while under the influence of a considerable amount of alcohol that is enough for him to be impaired. Most states have set a level of intoxication that makes driving illegal and may vary according to the region or country. The penalties for this crime will also differ according to the jurisdiction.

If someone is driving under influence (DUI), the charges may lead him into more complicated consequences if he has a history of DUI convictions. Drunk driving laws are strictly developed for the protection of civilians from injury or death which may be caused by individuals who drive while intoxicated. Under certain circumstances, drunk driving charges are categorized as felonies by other states.

Most defensive driving courses offered by a driving school involved teaching a driver better awareness of the consequences if a person will drive while under the influence of alcohol. Any driver who has been accused of violating DUI laws will be facing criminal charges which will be followed with court proceedings. Under the court of law, if driver will plead guilty or will be found guilty with the crime by the judge or jury, he will then be bought to face a judge who will assess him with criminal penalties for committing the crime.

Some police officers are strictly enforcing the DUI laws by using the field sobriety test which will help them assess a driver’s intoxication level. The assessment maybe considered subjective however, the officer’s evaluation will give him the result that will determine if the driver is capable to drive or not. This evaluation done by the police officer may be significant in court if the conviction will be done with court proceedings. Drivers, who have been well educated in a driving school, will be aware of these things as this is part of their driver’s education curriculum.

Second time violators are subject to pay penalties and a jail sentence.  Drivers who violate the DUI law will also receive a suspension on their driver’s license removing all their driving priorities and will placed under probation. A regular visit to their probation officer will be done the drivers which will determine if there were other violations of probation have been made. In most cases, violators are usually required to do community service work and must get involved in a community service program.

The charges given to the offender will depend on the laws and regulations implemented by the Federal law in that particular state where the violation occurred. This only means that if an individual from another state have been accused of a driving under influence in another state, the charges he will receive will depend on the court proceedings which will be done on the same state where he was accused of the crime. Drunk driving is also imposing strict penalties for underage drivers. Convicted violators can be sentenced and be placed in detention centers as well as required to participate in community programs.

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