What are the different types of distracted driving?

Learn How to Avoid Distraction When Driving

Distracted Driving

When a driver maneuvers his vehicle and he is not paying attention to the road which may result to the risk in accidents, he is having a distracted driving. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 25 percent of crashes on the road every year are caused by distracted driving. In other jurisdictions, this issue is addressed by the motor vehicle code and drivers can get citations and fines for getting into a distracted driving. Multiple violations may lead to a suspension of the driver’s license of the offender. Drivers can actually avoid becoming a driver who operates a vehicle while distracted when he takes driving school lessons that will make him aware of the consequences of such action.

There are different kinds of distractions that can be encountered by drivers on the road and these include visual, manual and cognitive. The driving school lessons will tackle these distractions as part of making their students responsible and safe drivers. Drivers are visually distracted when they read, make adjustments to a navigation system or focus an eye on something at a particular side of the road such as attractive signs or buildings. When a driver does not focus their attention on the road, they are likely to miss issues such as drifting into the other lane and traffic slowdowns from a distance. A driver who is distracted may not be able to see animals and people crossing the road and he could hit them. A driving school education can forms a safety and good driver who would not let himself distracted by any kinds of issues while he is behind the wheel.

When drivers are cognitively distracted, they have their minds focused on something apart from driving. Usually, cell phones are the causes of this distraction as well as conversations inside the vehicle. Drivers may not be able to make an immediate response to road events when his brain is drawn into something other than maneuvering the vehicle. Because of the increasing number of road accidents caused by cognitive distractions, authorities ban or restrict the use of cell phones while driving to keep the safety of the public.

Moreover, manual distractions may involve driving the car controls and pulling the hands of the driver from the wheel. It is likely for operators to fiddle with heating or radio settings or could be eating, adjusting clothes or applying makeup while driving. With these distractions, the driver will not be able to control the wheel in case of a problem and this will put his or her life at risk.

Road operators who were issued with distracted driving tickets can attend a traffic school and have the ticket removed from their records. This depends; however, on their driving history and the policy set in their states. The drivers will have to face an increase in insurance rates when they do not address the ticket. In fact, these rates can even go much higher because insurance companies will have in mind that the drivers will have another distracted driving citation in the future.

The best way for drivers not to be involved in any of the mentioned distractions is to educate themselves with driving school courses which will make them aware of the traffic laws and driver behavior that they should possess to keep their safety and others while they are behind the wheel.

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