I have begun a driver education and I am moving in a different state. Will I need to start all over?

Learn the different rules and regulations of other state.

Driving Education

Absolutely, yes! This is because of the fact that each state has its rules and regulations to follow. They also have different set of punishments for those who are violators, thus, when you are from one particular state and you finally decided to reside in another state you need to attend another driving school. This rule is for your own since the rules that you know from your old residence is different from the new one. If you won’t study or at least update what you know, then most likely you will keep receiving traffic ticket due to your violations. Given here below are the lists of some common violations when you visit U.S. Try to read these guidelines first then understand each so that you know what to do when you plan to hire for a car to drive around.

1. Take time to study and memorize all the controls of the car you plan to rent. For example, you are from Europe you will notice that the controls of the car in U.S. is different from the car in your country since the controls of the car here can be found just around the steering wheel while in your Europe the controls are found in dash.

2. When you reached the road wherein you see directions of school bus with flashing lights, you must stop! This kind of rule is imposed in every state and you must remember that the punishment for this is severe.

3. Driving under the influence of prohibited drugs of alcoholic drinks is not allowed. When you go to party make sure to bring someone with you who do not drink so that he can be designated as your driver when you plan to go home. U.S. court is very strict on this and they penalize severely on this since government is trying to lessen if not to stop road accidents slowly. If however, you are caught with open bottle of beer or any alcoholic beverage in you car, you are subject to traffic ticket and must pay significant amount as penalty. Not to mention that you need to undergo procedure and this will take sometime.

4. State traffic officers are also strict on over speeding since this is also one of the major reasons of road accidents. If you pass in front of the school in which you can see warning flashing lights, you know what to do. You must decelerate and just drive slowly like for about 25mph speed.

5. In terms of highway driving, there you will notice that road signs indicate the acceptable and legal limit of your speed, like for example you are just allow 55-75 miles per hour.

These are just some but important reminders when you drive in U.S. Reckless drivers are widespread, thus you need to be careful when you drive. For more information and tips about driving and list of legitimate driving schools visit wannadrive.com. This reliable website provides you with different courses that will help you in order to become an efficient driver. Online driving education is also available.

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