I had my driver license suspended for high speed traffic violation. Do I am eligible for restricted license in order to go to work?

Learn how to avoid road accidents and reckless driver's on the road

How To Avoid High Speed Traffic Violation

The traffic management of Unites States of America is becoming more dedicated to lessen road accidents. These road accidents commonly happen to teenagers within the age bracket of 15-24 years old. The common causes of these road accidents are reckless driving, over speeding, lack of knowledge in traffic rules and regulations, driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks as well as prohibited drugs and low maintenance of vehicles. These are just but few of the many reasons of accidents in states. Thus many Americans nowadays are encouraged to take driving lesson.

Driving course will save you in receiving traffic tickets issued by traffic officers. Since rules and regulations change from time to time in order to improve the flow of traffic, it is really advisable to go to a driving school. Aside from the fact that driving school is a great help in terms of updating your knowledge, school is also your way to safe driving. Different schools offer different method of installing knowledge to their students. Since driving school industry is getting more competitive, each school has their own style and technique of acquiring enrollees.

If however, the court will suspend your driver’s license because you have violated the law imposed by the state, you are still qualified to drive. Being qualified for a restricted license you are still allowed to drive in order for you to go to your office or work or even school if you are still a student. But for example, you were caught by the officer and fail to give you a temporary license you should call DMV right away. After your DUI arrest, there are two things that the officer will do on your driver’s license, it’s either he will punch hole on it or he will take away your license. The citation you have in hand will serve as your temporary license and is only good for 30 days minimum up to 60 days maximum only. The time given to you is more than enough for you to call your lawyer who will help you solve your problem. The lawyer that you will hire must be excellent in traffic rules so that he can justify and plan defenses and can bring back your restricted license.

Thirty days after your arrest, you may schedule your DMV hearing. Aside from the significant fine that you must pay, you are going to have an administrative hearing at DMV in order to get your confiscated restricted driver’s license. Remember that you should not miss that 30 day window or else you are going to loose your license without any right to appeal. Driving school, depending on the course that you have taken will discuss all these. That is why, attending and getting a course is really an advantage. Wannadrive.com can provide you with reputable driving schools so you could safely enroll in an accredited and legally operating driving institution.

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