I am from Nevada, Do I still Get Demerit Points on My License if I go to a Traffic School?

Enroll into a traffic safety course.

Enroll Into A Traffic School

Drivers who possess a driver’s license who may have completed a driving school course can voluntarily enroll in a traffic school to take a traffic safety course for a point reduction once within a period of 12 months. If the court ordered you to take such course or if there is a plea bargain that is arranged with the court, you can be eligible to take the course within such period. If you are up to a completion of a course in response to a court order, you will not have the eligibility for a point reduction because this is in lieu of points. When you take the course voluntarily, as you have at least three points and no more than eleven points on your license, you will have the eligibility of a 3-point reduction of demerit points when you complete the point reduction course. You must keep in mind that this course is totally different from the course that you took in the driving school.

You will know when you have to take a traffic safety course as the DMV in Nevada sends out letters to drivers who have a minimum of three points giving them advice on such eligibility upon completion. You also have the option to request a copy of your driving record from the DMV of your state, either in person, online or by mail to know if you must take a traffic safety course at a traffic school. The course can be completed according to the state requirement of at least five hours for the 5-hour course and eight hours for the 8-hour course. If you take the 5-hour course, you will be given 90 days to complete it but when you are taking the course as ordered by a court, the latter will determine how long you should complete it. If you have received three or more traffic violations within the past 12 months, you are eligible to take the 8-hour course; however, if you have two or less violations within such period, you can take the 5-hour course. The traffic school offering these courses has an automated system that monitors the time spent on the course and will tell when the required time was not met.

Just like a driving school course, you may not take the traffic safety course at one time. You have the option to login and out of the course as many times as you have to with the use of your username and password that you created during your registration. This you can do as long as you can complete the course within 90 days or the date that the court specified. The automated system of the traffic school will also monitor what you have gone through so that when you want to login it will get you back to where you had logged out.

When you have successfully finished the course by passing the final exam, the traffic school will report such completion to the DMV of your state within thirty days. You will just wait for a Certificate of Completion that will be sent to you by mail. When you receive the certificate, it will be your responsibility to submit the certificate to the court where you got the ticket.

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