How Can I Obtain a Class B Driver’s License?

Learn How You Can Obtain a Class B Driver’s License

How To Obtain a Class B Driver's License

In the United States, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) states five types of driver’s licenses. Majority of people possess a Class C driver’s license which enables them to operate any single vehicle that weighs below 26,000 pounds. A Class D license is considered a provisional Class C license which does not give a driver a permission to drive a vehicle between 12 midnight and 6 in the morning. Furthermore, Type M is the third type of driver’s license in the country. This type is right for individuals who are operating motorcycles. The fourth category is the Class B license, which is regarded as the most difficult type of license to get. This type of driver’s license can be obtained when a driver passes a commercial driver license (CDL) written exam. If you are one of the prospective drivers who wish to obtain this type of license, you can enroll yourself in a driving school that offers courses that will make you a professional driver of Class B vehicles. The courses will prepare you for the Class B CDL exam.

A Class B driver’s license allows a driver to drive a vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 pounds that can be added to any of the automobiles that the Class C license contains.  Class B license permits the driver to operate buses, trailers, house cars, farm labor vehicles over under 45 feet. The last type of driver’s license is the Class A license which can be similar with the Class B license with the exemption that the drivers are permitted to drive tractor-semi trailer combinations. With the Class B license, drivers are not permitted to pull a trailing unit that weighs more than 10,000 pounds while with an A Class, they cannot.

Class B driver’s license can be obtained when the driver already has a Class C license. The driver should be at least 18 years of age and was able to pass a second visual acuity test as well as a skill or road exam to upgrade from C to Class B driver’s license. Drivers who want to have the Class B license can take a driving school commercial driver’s course that can be done in 40 hours during the day, evenings or weekends. The course can be an all-field training that consists of driving in areas like the combinations of city, highway and heavy traffic areas with an emphasis on defensive driving. The driving school will use a modified Class A or standard Class B vehicle for the training. When the course is completed, drivers are taken to the DMV for the Class B Commercial Driver’s License driving and skills tests.

Particular types of Class B driver’s license are likely to need special endorsements. This includes operators who will pull double or triple trailers, transport hazardous materials, drive school buses and handle vehicles that are not equipped with air brakes. The good news is that the driving school that you will enroll in might be offering such special endorsements. You can ask the school to be sure about this.

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