I am a person with disability, are there available driving lessons for me?

Driving Lessons for Disability Driver

Adaptive Driving

Adaptive driving is the utilization of assistive technology that enables individuals with mobility disabilities to drive vehicles. Usually, wheelchair users can drive a car with minimal changes and adjustments are made available for those with dwarfism and other conditions which would make driving a regular vehicle uneasy and challenging. You can find a driving school in your place that will offer adaptive driving services that include changes to current vehicles and resale of automobiles that have been changed for the purpose of adaptive driving.

Whether you are a person who acquired a disability and wish to get back to driving or a first-time driver with impairment, you can look for a driving school with cars that are converted to suit your disability. There are a lot of advances made for adaptive driving equipment over the past few years. These advances have made it possible for disabled individuals to operate a motor vehicle while they are still on their wheelchair. Advances like minimized steering systems for people with minimal arm strength and head-operated switches used to turn on horns, headlights and other controls for those who cannot fully use the strength of their hands are already available and a driving school that offers adaptive driving courses surely has relevant equipment.

Driving is quite complicated especially for those who cannot normally use all their senses. Driving actually involves more than just the physical ability to operate automobile controls. Driving needs adequate mental and skills and vision so the driver can process what he sees in such a way that is quick enough to make sure of his safety. Such skills are also necessary so the driver can efficiently decide while he is behind the wheels for his safety, his passenger and other people on the road. This is the reason people with disabilities must seek the help of a driver rehabilitation specialist that a recognized driving school employs. This professional is expert in evaluating and educating drivers with disabilities. The specialist will determine particular issues that should be addressed with vehicle alterations. It is even likely that the specialist will take the driver for an on-the-road test using a modified vehicle to provide him the chance to see the nature of adaptive training and he will be offered with a driving lesson by the driving school.

Often, the evaluation process includes examinations of visual skills, physical function, mental skills and reaction time as well as actual driving performance exam. The results of these evaluations will determine the kind of adaptive training equipment the disabled driver may need. This may include whether the driver has the capability to drive alone or he needs further training.

In the driving lessons for people with disabilities, usual modifications will also include special seating to allow disabled drivers to easily transfer from a wheelchair to a vehicle and back again, wheelchair ramps or lifts so the driver will not find it difficult to enter or exit vehicles and hand controls for impaired drivers who are not able to operate foot pedals. Such modifications may also include voice controls in a few systems in lifts, blocks or in the whole car for short individuals who cannot reach the pedals.

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