I am a teenager who wishes to learn to drive in a driving school, will I be charged for damages in case I will accidentally damage the car during my training?

Learn basic lessons on the risks of teen driving.

Teen Driving

As a teenager, you will learn basic lessons on the risks of teen driving. Like other states, you may be required by your state to get a provisional license before you get yourself behind the wheel. Because of this, you should first learn the road essentials. You can start with simple laws that you should know before you drive. These rules and laws are according to which state you live in.

In the driving school, you will be taught about signals and lights, stop sign procedures and right of way. You will also learn about the various parts of a vehicle that you control over and how to get a mastery of such tools. In the classroom, you will have a mock vehicle segment. This enables you to obtain the true meaning of being behind the wheel without having to go out to the real world.

When you pass the basic exams, you will be asked to start behind the wheel training. You will be driving the driving school car that is equipped with drive controls and are placed in the two sides of the car that will allow the instructor to always have a control of the car. Being insured, you can forget about possible charges when you happen to damage the vehicle.

When you start your road instruction, you will begin on courses or in some spaces. This enables you to fully understand the controls and signals work before you get out in the real world. When you have proven yourself worthy, the driving school instructor will permit you to maneuver the car on the road. Often, you can operate the car on back roads and in areas that are not populated or not busy so you will have the least chance of getting into accidents. You can expect your instructor to split time between your classroom instruction and practical training. After you have completed classroom and on road instructions, the instructor will administer an exam. This will be a preparation to the actual that you should pass to obtain your driver’s license.

Driving instructors are expected to have their own insurance that will be set along with their vehicles. Driving instructor insurance is not always offered by insurance companies which may sometime not agree to provide insurance to driving instructors of a driving school because of higher liability that comes with such policies. However, the companies who may offer will provide different plans that are meant to meet the driving instructor needs and make sure that the professional are completely covered in case of an accident.

Often, driving instruction insurance covers the vehicles that a driving school maintains with the fundamental coverage that includes legal liability, loss replacement, theft, collision damages and others. This type of insurance product also gives coverage to the car that a student driver operates, even if the policy does not state the name of the driver in particular. Thus, when you get into a road accident using the driving school car, there is an available financial coverage. So you don’t have to worry about paying off the damages in case you will be in such a situation. It makes so much sense to discuss this with the driving school before you enrolled in them.

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