How to Properly Use the Windshield to Avoid Accidents

How To Properly Use The Windshield Of Your Car

Learn The Proper Use of Windshield to Avoid Accidents

From the driving school, it is necessary to keep a field of vision when you are driving. Seeing the road ahead will give you an overview of the proper action that must be taken when you arrive in the area. Or the field of vision can help you to momentarily and speedily react to risk situations of the road ahead. Indeed, the field of vision has a strong part of safety driving.

To this effect, the windshield plays a great role in providing a bigger field of vision for the driver. A driving school may have taught you to keep the windshield clean because a foggy windshield is really irritating. Much more, if you can’t see the road ahead because of the fog, the risk and danger of accident rise. To prevent accidents, it is necessary to get the most of avoiding foggy windshields.

The following instruction can help you to use the windshield at its best clean potential to avoid accidents:

  1. Car wash can only clean the external or the outside parts of the car, minus the cleanliness of car’s inside. However, with the windshield, accumulated film and residue of the dew due to the ventilation and dust may cause tremendous hindrance for one to see the road ahead. You can use ammonia-based solutions to wipe the internal side of the windshield. Use a single stroke in rubbing the solution to the windshield.


You may apply the solution as much as you want – and with regularity. As you apply your skills learned from the driving school, it is also necessary to clean the car’s window to the outside area.


  1. While the windshield pipers can get the fog and the dirt of the windshield external part, there is no piper to clean off the fog of the car’s windshield. To this effect, you can use the car’s heater or defogger to get the fog out of the windshield. As the temperature is raised, the fog will automatically subside and settle. For a better defogging, do not drastic raise the car’s temperature. You can do it by gradually elevating the temperature to avoid wetting the car insides due to the fog vapor.


  1. Attending the driving school opens you to the aspects of the car, including ancillary parts. Check out the ventilation or the air conditioning system of the car. It is advised to setup the system in a fresh air setting to allow the air to travel out of the car than just reusing the humidity of the temperature throughout the car cycle.


  1. If you are travelling during winter seasons, you can crack or open the car window a little bit. It will allow the air to get out from the car to avoid fogging. Do not worry; it will not freeze you to death. In the same respect, you can close the window from time to time to keep the heat.


The field of vision in driving is an important and vital aspect you should always keep in mind. The driving school may fail to keep you safe without the right knowledge on how to keep the windshield working at its best.

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