Manual Transmission or Automatic Transmission

Learn How Manual Transmission or Automatic Transmission Benefits in Driving

Manual or Automatic Transmission

The transmission of the car allows the driver to choose one gear ration to another to properly address the right speed during situations. It would be hard for you to just drive using the first gear from starting of the engine to the stop; it will surely make the car to roar while in the first level of the distance. Manual transmission or automatic transmission of the car can be chosen by any driver, depending on the person’s preference. In such a case, it is necessary to check certain aspects of the car before choosing.

  1. Power. The driving school may teach you how to use the manual transmission car or the automatic transmission car to possibly use its potential power in driving. To note, if you are looking for power of the car, you can choose manual transmission cars over the automatic transmission ones. Manual transmission can accelerate faster then automatic transmission cars – and it will give you better edge over other cars on the road. Nonetheless, you can also choose semi-automatic transmission cars, which combined the manual and the automatic cars into one, for the power and everyday use.


  1. Fuel Economy. If you are driving within the city, you will likely use bigger amount of fuel because of the first gear usage; compared to road with less traffic, you can always rely on the ability of the fourth gear. That is, when choosing a car, you may prefer manual transmission cars because of their great ability to avoid automatic gear shifting necessary in city driving. In fact, a driving school may teach you more about the manual transmission car than the automatic ones. You can possibly save 1 MPG with manual transmission cars than automatic transmission cars.


  1. Maintenance. Automatic transmission cars would require you to change fluids from time to time to smoothen the gear shifting. Not so with manual transmission cars, others don’t even need fluid changing, as manufacturers say. In the same respect, you will only spend cheap on manual transmission car’s troubles than in repairing the automatic transmission cars.


  1. Preference. Do you want to maintain great speed while driving? Or you need to climb elevated areas? Knowing the normal use of the car can help you decide on getting manual transmission or automatic transmission cars. Manual transmission cars don’t have the cylindrical horsepower to maintain ability to climb uphill.


  1. Learn how to use it. Another matter you need to consider is to make the most of the driving ability. The driving school can teach you on how to use the manual transmission cars. If you want to use the manual transmission cars, you should determine to learn the aspects and sides of driving. However, if you are a lazy one, you may opt to use the best of automatic transmission.


  1.             Multitasking. Can you handle several tasks at the same time? In manual transmission, it is necessary for you to change gears, step on the brake, handle the clutch, and steer the wheel at the same time. If you cannot handle the multitasking of the manual transmission cars, you should just settle on the automatic transmission cars.
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