The International Driving Permit

Learn How You Can Apply For International Driving Permit

How To Get An International Driving Permit

Do you want to have a license that is acceptable among several countries across the planet? The international driving permit is a special document that is honored in any country giving the holder the privilege of driving a private motor vehicle. The IDP is a multi-lingual document that translates the license you are holding at the moment.

The validation of the IDP covers 175 countries within a period of a year. However, for some instances, the same IDP can be given credit and honor for 3 years from the data of issuance. As much as the IDP is valid as a driving license in 175 countries, the same cannot be used as an official driver’s license within the issuing state or country. The state driver’s license must still be used by any driver.

When you are traveling to other countries, it is advisable to get an IDP beforehand. You may apply for the IDP from the American Automobile Association or from the office of the National American Club. The state DMV does not provide the IDP, but they advise drivers to get or purchase the same license from the following mentioned authorities.

Before you can get the IDP, it is necessary to finish the driving school course requirement and hold the driver’s license for at least 6 months. This is an assurance that you really do know how to stay safe in the road before you are granted an IDP. From the data of the IDP issuance, while staying in the country, the expiration depends on the expiration of your driver’s license.

The National Automobile Association or the National American Club gives you an application form to fill up. Details or information you have filled up in the IDP form must be the same with the ones you have used in the driver’s license to avoid conflicts.  After processing the application form, you may send it or deliver it to the office of the authorized issuer.

You may wait for the processing of your application process before the office of the two clubs or you may just let them send the paper for your office or home. For home delivery of the IDP, you have to wait for 15 days before you can hold the IDP. For consideration, a driving school can also do the processing of the IDP for you after you have the driving course and get your driver’s license.

When you already have the IDP and you are in a foreign country, it is necessary to get a full knowledge of the rules and regulations that are applied therein. Even if you are holding the IDP, you are still subjected to the traffic laws of the land. If you get convicted of any traffic violation, you still need to settle the fines and penalties. In some cases, there are countries that may send a copy of the violation to your own issuing driver’s license. The log of the IDP traffic violation can also be erased and eliminated.

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