Traffic Violation Point Reduction

Learn How To Reduce Your Traffic Violation

How I Can Reduce My Traffic Violation Points

The point reduction program of any driving school is legible to any driver, who may hold any type of driver’s license. Even those who are holding a probationary driver’s license, due to the suspension or revocation, are encouraged to attend the driving school course for point reduction. Whatever vehicle you are driving, you should attend the program.

As the program suggests, the main goal is to reduce the points that are being recorded against your driving history or abstract. However, there are criteria that should be checked before you can enjoy the traffic violation ticket reduction. Check out the following:

  1. Reduction of points happen only once in 18 months of the driving history. That is, the traffic ticket violation reduction program of the driving school is only applicable in 18 months. You should wait for another 18 months from the data of the point reduction before you can enjoy the benefits of eliminating the bad impact of the traffic point violation.


For instance, if you have taken the point reduction program and you haven’t received a traffic ticket, the traffic reduction program of the driving school will not work for you. The reduction program works only for violations you may face within 18 months from the completion of the driving school traffic reduction program.


  1. If you are taking the traffic reduction program to meager impact of the suspension or revocation of the driver’s license, the program cannot help you. Even for violation hearings, the program is still not capable of doing the job. To say, for all mandatory resolutions and actions, both from DMV and the court, before you complete the traffic point reduction program, the certificate of completion renders no help.

After you have taken the driving school traffic reduction program, your own knowledge on how to safe in the road is refreshed and your skills are improved. This is the main aim of the program. If you can avoid traffic tickets, you are on the right track of reducing the risk of accidents. However, it must be considered that the traffic ticket reduction program is different from the traffic school requirement. The reduction program works on reducing points of the driving history, while the traffic school course can help you to get a probationary or a temporary driving history or permit.

If you take the driving school traffic reduction program, you can benefit from the 10% reduction of the insurance rates. Other insurance companies may check your driving history first before you can enjoy the benefit. There are insurance companies may give you a rate reduction for a 3 years base.

Moreover, to straighten the record, the traffic ticket point used by the DMV is different from the insurance company point system. The insurance company assigns different point system to a traffic violation of a driver. In the same respect, the insurance company may also consider the driving school traffic point reduction course to reduce the insurance rate, even if the DMV may not honor the completion due to any criterion mentioned above.

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