I have a learner permit and my friend at the bar is impaired to drive, could I drive his car since we will be passenger?

Learn To Avoid Accidents on The Road

Obtaining A Learner Permit

Many young people (ages 15-24) are involved in different road accidents. The few but common causes of those vehicle accidents are:

• lack of knowledge • inexperienced alcohol drinkers • drug users • recklessness • over speeding

The government is very rigid in safety of the motorists to avoid accidents.  Thus, they see to it that they have check points in places they think are most likely to have vehicle accidents. Too many teenagers are continuously injured or killed because of drunk driving.  But these traumatic accidents can be prevented only if you follow what the driving school has told you. People who enrolled themselves in driving schools are usually careful and knowledgeable about traffic rules, thus, they can avoid receiving traffic tickets. You can also reduce if not stop accidents and you can start doing this today by being responsible. Like for example, the fact that party with friends can never be stopped and drinking is just part of it but at least do not drown yourself with too much alcohol or else driving is not anymore safety for you. You can also assign someone to drive you home but he should have a driver’s license and not just a learner permit. A learner permit must not be used without the aid of someone who is already a professional driver. However, if the professional driver you are with is impaired you are also not allowed to drive him home. This is because a driver who is still a learner has not yet completed the driving course required to him and he has still many lessons to learn and not yet sure if the driving technique that he will be going to use is proper for certain situations.

The designated driver can really save your life. This designated driver should not drink and has sense of discipline. You must understand that inexperienced drinker can become intoxicated even with less alcohol intake compared to veteran drinkers. These inexperienced drinkers are usually teenagers. Government has also set driving education standard. Driving schools are very cautious and eager to reduce drug addiction and even drinking while driving. Aspiring drivers must take their driving course so they could obtain adequate information about the penalties in equivalent to every violation they have committed. Wannadrive.com is dedicated to provide you the best school in which you can learn safe driving through different course programs you can choose from there. Driving schools are very consistent in reminding their students on how they can prevent accidents. Here are some of important reminders:

• Do not apply makeup while driving. • Do not text or even use mobile phones while driving. • Do not talk to your passengers while driving. • Do not get drunk or drink alcoholic beverages while driving. • Do not take prescribed medicines if you will drive since there are medicines that can make you feel dizzy or drowsy. • Do not use prohibited drugs. • Do not over speed. • Do not go home late especially during weekends because most of the accidents happen during these days. Many drivers are drunk and the probability of encountering vehicular accidents is high. • Do not make your vehicle a music booth.

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