Steps in order to park a car parallel

Learn How To Do Parallel Parking

Park A Car Parallel

Included in driving school program course is to teach aspiring drivers to learn how to park their vehicle in parallel. This type of parking is usually seen in restaurants, shopping malls and department stores wherein parking space is limited. Learning this type of parking will benefit any driver since it will help them avoid bumping into other’s vehicle. Any skilled drivers know how to park their car in parallel but for the benefit of everyone, these instructions will be a great help for them. It is recommended to drive together with a professional driver who will serve you as your guide.

• First, move toward the parking area. Make sure that your car is located one to two feet away from the left of the cars parked in your right. Get ready by checking traffic and render suitable signals as your preparation to stop. • Second, slowly stop your car adjacent to the vehicle right in front of the space you are going to use. Ensure that your back bumper is in line with the bumper of the other vehicle in your back. • Third, before deciding to shift your car in reverse, verify oncoming traffic then glance over your right shoulder. Then if ready, back slowly. Just continue this until your vehicle’s front bumper is now opposite of the vehicle parking behind you. While backing slowly don’t forget to check the gap of your own vehicle to the vehicle of other which is behind you.  • Fourth, move your car forward and do this very slowly while straightening your wheels as you go. Decide to stop when your car is now equally parked and spaced between the car in front of you and the car behind you. Take note that there must be lower than 9 inches gap between the curb and your vehicle’s right door. • Fifth, place your car in brake position, remove your key then lock your doors.

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