What to do if during my practical driving test I’m taken on unfamiliar roads

Learn how to prevent from getting nervous in your first practical driving test.

Practical Driving Test

In most countries, if you want to get a driver’s license you must be able to pass a practical driving test administered by the government’s motor vehicle agency. New drivers normally get so excited and even feel anxious upon knowing that they are scheduled for an examination. To prevent the test from getting into your nerves, you must know what to expect during the examination and must prepare yourself about it. You can enroll in a driving school and take trainings to improve your driving skills. You may also read a few official pamphlets or take training under the supervision of a licensed driver and be mentally prepared before taking the test.

The most important preparation for a practical driving test is to practice driving and be familiar with the route and take a practice test for the written examination which will be part of the test later. You may also try to call the local motor vehicle office to find out the location in which your practical test will be taken. Usually the route they will prepare for you will be just near their office and may extend for a few miles. You can ask your driving school instructor or a friend who have passed his or her driving test about the route where she was tested. If it happens that you were tested in an unfamiliar road, just stay calm and focus your mind on what you are doing. Don’t be affected on what about the situation, try to concert on every instruction that the examiner will give you.

If you have acquired information regarding the location of your practical test, ask your driving school instructor or any adult to accompany you to drive on different times of the day so that you can experience a different weather condition when driving. Practice various skills you may be tested on such as parking on a hill, parallel parking, making a multi-point turn and backing into a space. The actual test however will depend on the area where the test will be administered.

If you have a driver’s handbook, you check if there are available sample questions or practice test you can take. You may also ask your driving school instructor if he has available written test that you may take for a practice. You may also try checking for online resources that will provide you a practice for your preparation during behind the wheel test. You may log on the vehicle division site and check the licensing section information. There are many states that continue to develop practice test in driving which you can download and take at home or you may also take the test online according to your preference. A driving school instructor can give you advice on what is the best thing you have to do put up a good preparation for your driving test. Find a small area at home where you can concentrate for your test.  If your exam is timed you may also practice setting a timer or alarm to make it more realistic.

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