What are the worst behind the wheel distraction?

Driving needs full attention and focus.

Driving Distraction

Driving is one of the usual things that many people doing these days. Everyday people drive to go to work, mall, department stores, schools, vacation and many more. However, even though driving is just one of the basic things that people do, accidents still happen every now and then. Though, yes road accidents can be prevented but drivers tend to forget the basic driving reminders. Driving needs full attention and focus. Your concentration must not be divided. It also demands body coordination.  Unfortunately, drivers are hard-headed that they allow themselves to be distracted by many things around them. As a result, road misfortunes happen. Driving schools patiently discuss how to prevent road accidents to occur. The driving education course programs have loads of instructions and steps on how to drive safely and efficiently. Some of these are listed here below.


  • Eating while driving. This is the usual scenario of many drivers      nowadays. Because of hectic schedule or busy lifestyle, people tend to do      multi-tasking and eating while driving is one of those. Come to think of      it, when your hands are full of foods and drinks how can you drive well?      How can you maneuver your steering wheel efficiently? Another usual thing      that driver does when driving is applying make-up while driving. Many      ladies are guilty of this, right? You know, activities like these must not      be done when driving.  These are      just some of the common things happening and possible cause of accidents      since you can’t easily move your vehicle to its proper place when      something goes wrong.


  • Talking on your cell phone or texting while you are driving. Talking      to your cell phone is a no-no when driving and much more with texting.      Most of the driving schools are concern about this since this is the      common cause of accidents. States mandated that when you are driving you      must free your both hand with the things that might distract you. Remember      that in driving, is not only yourself you put on risk but other motorists      as well. Many accidents happen because of these wrong doing.
  • Loud music. As what one of the driving schools reminded, take note      that your car is not a music booth that you keep on searching CD’s on your      rack or tuning your radio to your favorite music. Obviously, you will be      out of focus when driving. If you want to listen to your car’s music,      though this is not recommended, you can set the volume very low and do the      tuning before your car moves forward so that you won’t keep on searching      the music you desire while driving.
  • Stop talking to your passenger. It is a fact that driving is very      boring. But if you want to arrive safely in your destination, better      concentrate and stay focus along the way. You can talk from time to time to      your passengers but not to the point that you almost forget that you are driving.


These essential tips in driving must always be remembered every time you hit the road. Bear in mind that safety should always be the first priority. And to know more about online driving, visit www.wannadrive.com , the most reliable institute the offers online driving lessons.


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