What are the best ways to protect pedestrian safety?

Find helpful ways to keep pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian Lane

Part of the city planning is to protect pedestrian safety considering many has been hurt and even got killed by drivers who need more driving education which can be learned more in a driving school. Urban planning which is directed specifically on pedestrian safety aims to prevent cyclists and walkers from being struck by a moving vehicle. Every state should develop a pedestrian safety forum that involves policing, transportation and important engineering strategies.

Areas where pedestrian lanes are located should be well-lit and enforce drivers to follow the proper speed limits. These are simple but helpful ways to keep pedestrian safety. Drivers who have been trained in a credited driving school are aware of the precautions and the main causes of common pedestrian accidents. Distraction has found to be the main cause of road accidents and some states banned drivers from using cell phones while driving.

Putting signs on the pedestrian area to warn divers to lower their spread and prepare to stop are also ways to help protect pedestrian safety. A mandatory driver’s education program is offered by a driving school that instructs every driver to pay attention to cyclists and walkers. Many city planners are now installing crosswalks signs near parks and schools to protect young walkers in the area.

There are other urban planners who are observing ways of developing more safety for pedestrians by walking around the city and taking a public transportation to gain better understanding on the issue. With this procedure they are able to designate properly a pedestrian crossing area to accommodate pedestrians who need to get cross the streets safely. Pedestrian lanes are usually marked with a stripe pattern to alert drivers that a crosswalk is coming up. This can be common all over the world but with different styles.

In most places, there are certain specific traffic laws that address pedestrian cross walkers where parking on or around crosswalks is restricted so that people can safely move and see cars that are coming. Drivers who stop in the middle of the crossroad will receive a ticket for violation. Traffic lights are linked to the indicators that are used in pedestrian areas which will tell cross walkers when they are allowed to cross the lane. These signals which are normally found in the intersections are visual and auditory to help blind people cross the streets safely. Signals can include writing or symbols that change colors to make it easier for people to read. The law also requires a pedestrian cross walk to be wheel chair accessible which means that it must have a curve slope to allow people who are using wheel chair to pass through the cross walk efficiently.

There are particular areas where heavy traffic or frequent conflicts between drivers and pedestrians occur. In this case it is therefore advisable for city planners to make a pedestrian overpass or underpass to allow people to cross the streets without interrupting the flow of traffic. This is most applicable in urban areas where reckless or thoughtless drivers could endanger lives of pedestrian cross walker. This is indeed the main reason driving schools came into business to help people learn everything on the road and drive safely.

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