How to Make a Good Left Turn

Learn how to make the left turn without collisions and crashes.

How To Make A Proper Left Turn

After learning how to make a right turn, you should also learn how to make the left turn without collisions and crashes. With careful knowledge and training from a good driving school, you can easily execute left turn. Making turns is part of the skills that are to be tested in the driving examination required by the state’s DMV for the driver’s license approval.

Following the same rule of the road you have learned from the driving school about making right turns, check out the following steps on how to make a flawless left turn as you approach a junction.

  1. Markings and signs of the road are very vital to the communication of drivers. The driving school lessons include a good deal of discussion about the traffic signs and signals. If you need to transfer to another side of the road or make a left turn, it is necessary to stick to the rule of the road markings.


  1. As much as you can, be sure to check your mirrors for the entire surrounding. There should be no barrier of the field of vision to avoid any crash when you turn. In the same manner, you also need to send a good signal to other drivers using the car lights or your own hands. Explicitly send the right signal to other drivers – and let them acknowledge – before you make the decision to turn.


  1. Do not stay close with other vehicles. You should maintain a distance from the car behind you. It will help you to make proper clearance and avoid tagging other cars as you make the turn.  Do not miss any detail of other elements of the road to avoid accidents.


  1. The driving school lesson teaches you on how to properly change gears. Before you shift from high gear to low gear, be sure to decelerate the car speed by braking. When you already reach the biting point, you can easily enter the next gear you want to use as you cross the junction.


  1. If you need to make a left turn while you are in the right most area of the road, be sure to be in the right approach line. You cannot just make turns in a position away from the target area. As much as you can, stay at the nearest approach lane to speed up the left turn. And it is the proper way of turning, as duly discussed in the driving school lesson.


  1. In making left turns, be sure to keep pedestrians in mind. If you are far from the left approach area, check pedestrians before you turn. Do not let the blind spot make another accident.


  1. When you already properly executed the left turn, position back to the right lane. Speed up immediately to be in the direct speed of other cars. Nonetheless, check out the speed limit of the area to avoid traffic ticket violation.
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