Driving After 10 of the Night for Young Drivers

Driving After 10 of the Night for Teen Drivers

Teen Driver At Night

Before one can get his or her license, it is necessary to pass the safety nets of provisional years. Staying safe and in great condition are a special aspect of driving education that must be learned by any person. Compared with teens and adults, youngsters must face much restrictions as provided by the law of the state and the federal government.

In fact, in a driving school, it is necessary impose the restrictions of night driving, which starts at 10 pm as the curfew time. The state traffic laws provided the restriction to help teens, and youngsters for that case, to stay safe and in great condition.

According to the recent survey, a teen driver may likely get an accident in the middle of the night than a 26 year old drunk driver. This is the trend of the driving education, which must be addressed. Here are some few reasons of the restrictions of the teen driver during the night:

Speed Limit. Discussed in the driving education of any driving school is the surge of accidents at night which involve youngsters, due to the problem of speeding. Yes, youngsters cannot easily control their desire to boast their capability to drive well, which results to overspeeding. This scenario leads to mishaps in the road, creating havoc on lives and the properties of the public.

Peer pressure and machismo effect can be traced as the roots of the problem. When a group of youngsters challenge one another for a powerful drift in the road, surely a clash in the road happens without restrictions or considerations of the driving education learned from a driving school. Youngsters, especially boys, would boast themselves as real men, who can speed in the road, without limit – either to show off to others or to girls.

As per the case of passengers in the car, the risk of clash is higher. A driving school may consider the best of driving education, but when the youngster cannot stop his own desire to feel the urge of driving very fast, with the motivation of any passenger, mishaps happen. The judgment of the person’s driving education is impaired and may not be straight due to the emotions that surround the people in the car.

Drink Driving. In a driving school, a person is taught on how to drive safely. However, when one is drunk, the impairment of judgment happens. That is, the intoxication and the influence of alcohol adds the problem of speeding and low reaction time. Because the experience of the youngsters is not yet trusted, mishaps and crashes happen.

Moreover, the problem of drink driving may also add myriads of problem that are mentioned above. Overspeeding can be traced to the low judgment of the person, aggravated by the motivation from drunk passengers.

With this regard, a driving school encourages student-driver not to drive in the middle of the night, or to even drive while under the influence of alcohol. To note, driving is not a right, but a privilege that is granted to the public. And youngsters are provisional in taking this privilege.

Catering to youngsters in the drinking school is an aspect of giving the privilege. However, it is necessary for the teen to develop the skills necessary to avoid accidents – and driving at night, at 10 pm to be specific, is a case that must be avoided. Saving the lives of the youngsters and protecting the lives of others with the property of the public can only be true in the driving education if teens are kept and are not allowed to drive in the middle of the night, without the direct supervision of an adult licensed driver.


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