Benefits Of Using A Stick Shift Car And How Easy It Is To Learn

Learn The Benefits Of Using A Stick Shift Car

Stick Shift Car

When deciding between a stick shift and an automatic car, most Driving School companies would prefer the former than the latter as there are several benefits and advantages of a manual transmission. First off, drivers are allowed more control using a stick shift mechanism especially when changing gears and increasing the speed. Driving education can teach you techniques on how to drive defensively, but using a manual transmission prevents several road accidents as it has a faster shift response, easier downshifting on inclines and very much in control when it comes to maneuvering sharp turns. In terms of cost, cars that use manual transmission are generally cheaper than automatic cars. Even most Driving School companies would prefer using stick shift cars as the automobile students drive during actual training as it saves them lots of cost compared to buying a fleet of expensive, high-maintenance automatic cars. Case in point, a typical 2009 stick shift car with the following characteristics of 1.6 four wheel drive and 29 mpg would cost around $9,600 while an automatic version for the same year would cost at least $11,000. As for maintenance, Driving education may no longer be needed when determining that a repair cost of $1,200 for manual transmission replacement would definitely cost less than having to pay more than $3,000 to replace an automatic transmission. Several students for a Driving School would prefer learning the basics of driving a stick shift as this allows them to become versatile and knowledgeable to any car. For example, in case the driver’s car needs to be repaired for a long period of time, renting a temporary replacement would not be a hassle even if the only available rental cars use transmission. One of the lessons you will learn during Driving education would be to be alert at all ties especially when driving during a bad weather. It would also work to your advantage if you are driving a stick shift car as manual transmission mechanisms allow more control and can offer better traction in snowy and slippery conditions. Another reason why a Driving School would prefer using a manual transmission rather than automatic is because it lessens their car’s wear and tear especially on essential parts like the brakes. One of the lessons taught during Driving education is that stick shift cars use engine breaking to stop which actually lessens the breaks from breaking down, so to speak. Of course, in the world of a Driving School, the brakes means a lot not just in terms of safety but for the car to have longer life span which would eliminate the need to buy another one.

A lot of people may think that driving a manual car can be very difficult and that it takes years to become good at it. While it may true for some, there are several Driving education institutes that encourage student drivers that learning a stick shift car can be very easy and fun while at the same time allowing the student to have a better feel for the car.

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