Worst Scenarios of Driving Under the Influence

Learn How To Avoid Driving Under the Influence

How To Avoid DUI Driving

DUI took more lives than the civil war. Indeed, the government is facing a tremendous challenge in combating the behavior of other drivers on the road. Through the intensified training and education from the driving school, one can make proper amends on the mistakes of DUI. To note, DUI can result to the following scenarios:

  • Property Damages. Foremost to consider, DUI may result to crashes of cars on the road or crashes on other real properties that are near the road. Damages to properties, although these properties like cars are mostly insured under insurance policies, can still place you in a big trouble on how to settle financial obligations.


In fact, property damages may bring your financial standing down. It is really hard to face loans and debts just to settle the financial obligations of the accident. It will surely damage every single plan you have to build your financial status in the future.


  • Physical Injuries.  In the same manner and worst than property damages, physical injuries may be faced wit DUI accidents. Because of the impairment to the mindset and judgment of the driver, accidents may happen with high risks. It will place the situation into a big dilemma causing tremendous problems to the driver.


Physical injuries, either to you or other people, will obligate you to pay medical and recovery bills. You may have an insurance coverage, but things come to worst, you will face settlement in the court.


  • Murder or Manslaughter. The worst of all the scenarios is murder or manslaughter due to reckless driving. Because driving is just a privilege, the right of the person to live is still the most important part of the law. As such, the process may result to conviction of a crime, which will send you to fail for a couple of years, if proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Of course, if the situation does not result to the following cited situations, you can still come up wit the following considerations:

Mainly, you will face the chargers before the state traffic department. Fines and penalties, as duly stipulated by the state, which may range from $500 – $1000, are imposed to any person who is convicted of having blood alcohol concentration, higher than the allowed by the law. In the same process, the court may also ask the person to spend time in jail for a couple of months, but not longer than a single year.

Secondly, the conviction of the DUI may result to the temporary lifting of the driving privilege. A person may not be allowed to drive in any street of the state, as such is considered risky to others drivers and among pedestrians of the road. For one to regain the driving privilege, a person may be required to attend a driving school program. The program will help a person understand the value of discipline in the road. The driving school thrust is to teach the person on how to protect his or her life in the road – and the lives of other people.



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