Why overtaking at night is very dangerous

Why overtaking at night is very dangerous

Night Driving

Overtaking is passing around slower vehicle to change lane or getting ahead of it. It might be a simple act but it is a dangerous act that requires great ability to execute it properly without posing a risk to other road users. It demands more consideration on the surrounding vehicles, clear vision of the road ahead, approaching vehicles, trailing vehicles and the understanding the vehicles that might be affected. A driving school can also teach the student drivers that overtaking also involves correct judgment of speed and distance along with the correct usage of various car accessories such as steering wheel, mirrors, brakes and transmission.

Before deciding to overtake a vehicle, evaluate first the distance and the speed of the vehicle you want to overtake along with the hazard that could be threatening. Avoid overtaking in blind areas such as corners, crossroads, near junctions, intersections and bends in the road. A trained driver in a driving school must be aware that in these areas the driver of the vehicle ahead will have less visibility on what is behind and what is passing which may result to a fatal accident. Depending on the speed of your car, take the lowest gear as possible. You will do this to slow down your car to a safe act of overtaking.

If you want to overtake, make sure you always keep a safe following distance with the car in front. To let the other driver in front and behind your vehicle know about your intention to overtake, you can either blow a horn or flash your car’s headlight. These things are included in the lessons in a driving school during a practical test for every student. If possible, make an eye contact with the driver of the vehicle you overtake to ensure that he see you passing. There might be instances that the driver behind you is also thinking of overtaking so make sure that you have made clear indication of your actions.

When you are training in a driving school with a professional instructor you are taught that after overtaking move to the center of the road then accelerate as fast as you can to keep a safe speed and distance. Always observe your surroundings and check for every passing vehicle while going with the flow of traffic. Trying to overtake a car in busy and crowded roads can be dangerous because of the presence of numerous signs that are exchanged by the drivers in the road. A driving school instructor may advice that in this situation it is better to avoid overtaking and drive safely with the flow of the traffic.

Overtaking at night can also be dangerous it needs proper precaution and correct execution of the act. If you want to overtake a vehicle in front of you during late hours, turn your cars to low beam so you may not flash the other vehicles mirror with your light. You must also flash your headlights to inform other drivers of what you are about to do. You were taught in a driving school that you must increase your visibility on the road ahead when overtaking by turning your headlights in a high beam. After a successful maneuver, turn your side signal to let the other driver know that you are going back to your original lane.

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