Why drivers should respect school buses

Learn How to be a Responsible Bus Driver

School Buses

The main responsibility of school bus drivers is to send students from their home to school and back during school days.  The best trait of a good school bus driver is being friendly while commanding a respect to his passengers. The number of trained bus drivers in a driving school is slowly growing compared to the transit system bus drivers. To be able to get the job, a person must have a high school diploma which can be supplemented by any school system along with additional training the driver might need. A driver is required to have a valid commercial driver’s license with the corresponding endorsement that will allow him to carry passengers. Some states will require a minimum age to drive a bus and must pass a written and practical test in a driving school.

Sometimes other motorists may find bus drivers annoying. However, there are others who believed that bus drivers are ought to be respected with the passengers they are carrying in the bus. Many have suggested that bus drivers must pull over every other stop and if necessary must pull off the main road into a residential area when letting off more than five students. They must also be allowed to use the stop flasher only when reasonably necessary when letting off a child one by one.

Flashers are safety measures used by bus drivers when letting off a child from the bus. It can stop the traffic while the school bus is there and it will only move away when the child has reached the driveway or sidewalk. Some motorists trained in a driving school believed that these must only be used when necessary not all the time. There is no need to use it when the child is accompanied by an adult inside the bus or when the bus captain led him safe into the side walk. A bus driver must know how to use the flasher and how to obey signs, signal and laws that relate with the operation of school buses. He must also know that it is not appropriate to drive the bus at higher speeds than what is reasonable and safe under weather or road conditions regardless of the speed limit posted in the area.

A good bus driver who is trained in a driving school must understand how to perform an inspection on the bus he is operating each time it is operated. You must check it in the morning and afternoon before the operation even if there were no failures on the controls reported earlier. If you see something wrong prior to your trip, you must inform the head of the service company so that you can be assigned in a spare bus. If you are a trained bus driver in a driving school you will be taught never to drive if you find failures in the system no matter how small the defect you have noticed. Make sure the mechanics check the bus as you might compromise the safety of the students or may put you bus stranded on the road during the trip.

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