What to do in Driving in Fog

Learn what to do in driving safely in fog

Driving in Fog

Operating a moving vehicle when there is fog is the most dangerous situation that would pose more risk of collision on the road. It would even be more dangerous when it is combined with adverse weather conditions such as driving in rain, snow and ice. Driving in fog is not something to take lightly as this has been the cause of cars pile up. Your driving school has taught you how to drive in this weather condition but still it is always considered a dangerous activity. However, you can do a lot of things to reduce the risk of collision while driving in fog.

These drivers who travel in the fog usually speed up without even knowing about it. Speeding is the worst thing to do in this weather condition. Normally fog creates an optical illusion that when you see through your windshield; your body usually perceives that you are driving slowly. Your training in the driving school will teach you that every now and then you have to glance at your speedometer to check if you are still driving in the right spread.

Always make sure that you are seen by keeping the headlights on. Your actual lights must all be turned on.  Some people are turning their lights off because they are blinded from the reflection off the fog, however this is not appropriate. Your headlights must be use to let others see you. Your driving school training emphasizes that when driving in fog, it is very important to keep visible and replacing old wipers will also help clear your vision. However, you must never use the high beam headlights of your car. It may reflect on the water and may decrease your visibility. Your low beam lights must never be forgotten to keep on because it’s the best way for you to be seen by other drivers on the road.

During your night driving training in a driving school you has been taught too many skills that come useful on the road. When you are driving in fog, it’s the best way to ensure that you are still on the appropriate lane. Always keep proper distance from the other car and stay alert for any unwanted situations you might encounter. There are times that the foggy weather condition gets worse. You always know your limits. Your driving school instructor taught you during your training that it is extremely dangerous if you can’t see much in the fog, because this only means that the other drivers can’t see you either. It would be better for you to pull over a driver, parking stall, Side Street or any other place where you could get away from the heavy traffic. You can also go into the grass and park on the other side of the road. Your driving school in this situation will advise you to turn off your lights so people will not think you are still driving along the road. Be sure that your foot is on the brake pedal and you must not use your flashers while waiting for the fog to go away.

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