What is “2 seconds” rule?

Learn how to keep your vehicle at a speed that will allow you to stop safely.

2 Seconds Rule

As a driver, the vehicle you are operating is your responsibility. For this reason you must be able to control it all the time. When driving, you must keep your vehicle at a speed that will allow you to stop safely in a controlled way. You must be able to stay in the correct lane and in a distance where the other motorist could see you to avoid putting yourself, your passengers and the other drivers on the road at risk. There are many rules in the road that a driving school could teach anyone who wishes to become a safe driver. One of these is the 2 seconds rule which was implemented to keep one vehicle in a safe distance away from the vehicle in front for at least two seconds. This is mostly intended for automobiles but is a helpful principle for any other types of vehicle on the road.

To be certain that you are following the rule when you are in the road, you check for a land mark such as a tree or a sign board on the road and watch closely the vehicle in front of you. If it passes that landmark, start saying “only a fool breaks the two second rule” or you may choose to say “one thousand one, one thousand two”. If you have notice that you have already passed the landmark before finishing the eight words, this only means that you are driving too close to the vehicle in front. This rule is taught in a driving school to all learners. This only means that you have to back off a little and slow down to check another land mark and repeat the words again. Make sure that this time you have spoken the words before passing the landmark you have chosen to ensure that you have increased your following distance. During a wet weather condition, it is advisable to double the distance between you and the other vehicle in front. Your driving school instructor will teach how to check your status. He will suggest that to make sure that you are following the rule this time you may speak “ only fools breaks the two-second rule” for two times.

You must avoid driving too close to the vehicle in front of you as this can be considered tailgating which may be illegal in some states. This may also lead to a possible crash when the vehicle suddenly stops and you will run out of time to react quickly. So, if you will run on the vehicle, you will be liable for any damages or injuries caused to the vehicle and the passengers involved. If you are taking lessons in a driving school you will be taught that in normal road and traffic conditions you must be able to keep up with space and the speed of the traffic flow on the road. You will also learn to avoid driving too slow that your vehicle may block other motorists and frustrate other drivers.  The reason why some would take a dangerous overtaking.

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