Vehicle Controls – Driving Lessons

Learn vehicle controls lessons in a driving school in your state.

Learn Vehicle Controls and Driving Lessons

For a beginner’s or basic driving school, vehicle controls lessons are very essential. Under the care of the professional driving instructor, you will learn how to control the car while off the road. Of course, these lessons are focused on the practical application on how to drive. Your knowledge on these lessons can help you to pass the practical driving examination required for the driver’s license.

  • Starting or Stopping the Engine. First, you learn how to start the car. In the driving school discussion, you will get a full knowledge on how a car works. In starting the car, it is important to consider the right clutching for acceleration and deceleration, the right braking to avoid crashing with other elements of the road, and to use both clutch and the brake for stopping the car.


  • Changing Gears. Most driving schools use manual transmission cars for the practice. With manual transmission cars, it is very important to learn how to shift the gear of the car for a maximum driving. As part of the gear shifting, you will learn how to depress the clutch properly for a biting point before you change the gear. The biting point is necessary in gear shift to avoid car stalling movements.


  • Steering Control. Changing lanes and driving forward require a proper knowledge of controlling the steering wheel. Distractions are discouraged when you are behind the wheel to avoid lack of focus. Be sure to have a good knowledge on how to steer the car on the right direction to avoid crashing on other elements of the car.


  • Turning. Another skill you should learn from the driving school lesson is turning. Turning in roundabouts, bends, and junctions require you to observe proper clearance. Be sure to know how to decelerate the car speed before you steer the wheel. Braking while making a turn is high discouraged. It is very important to keep your focus on the road when you make turns to about collisions.


  • Parking. There are three types of parking that you will learn from a driving school, but the most common type is the parallel parking. Learn how to decelerate the car and enter the parking area without colliding with other cars. In the same manner, learn how to move away from parking area.


  • Driving in Situations. To better enhance your ability on driving, it is necessary to learn how to control the car in different situations. For instance, you must have a full knowledge on how to change lanes without crashing on other cars. Lane changing in a high speed area must be properly learned to avoid hitting other cars or being hit by the car behind.


  • Observing and Scanning. To facilitate safety, it is very important to scan the road for hazards. Do not drive recklessly without looking at the environment. You will only avoid accidents if you can scan the road for hazards and avoid them.


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