Tips on rain and thunderstorm driving

Tips on rain and thunderstorm driving

Driving On A Heavy Rain Highway

Driving during thunderstorm and heavy rain needs an appropriate safety measure to avoid serious injury or accident. Thunderstorms are capable of producing high winds which can hurl furniture and yard toys at higher speeds. If you still have time before the storm will hit try putting away the items that might be damaged or blown away. Cancel your scheduled appointments and refrain from driving. There might be unexpected changes during the thunderstorm.  Regardless of the driver’s experience, whether you are a learner from a driving school or an amateur driver, driving on the rain and thunderstorm can be very tricky.

If you are already out in the open when the thunderstorm and rain hits the area, you must make sure to turn on the radio so you will be able to hear the weather forecast on where the storm would hit.  Your headlights must be turn on low so people would see you while driving down slowly. Your driving school have taught you to keep distance from the car in front of you so you will be able to have more space when suddenly needs to brake. When the thunderstorm produces extremely heavy rains accompanied by lightning, the best thing to do is pull over one side safely and turn your hazard lights own so other cars will know that you there. During training in a driving school, the students are taught how to maneuver under heavy rains. As much as possible, stay in the car when the lightning starts to strike as this will give you more protection than being outside since cars are grounded by wheels.

Keep your speed slow enough during heavy rains. You must remember that it may take longer for you to slow down when necessary so it is better to avoid speeding. You must be alert every time as the vehicle in front of you might spray the water impairing your vision. So, it is better to keep your distance especially when the vehicle in front of you is a large truck or bus. This is one of the rules in driving taught in a driving school which is applicable not only during heavy rains but all times. Try to drive in the middle lanes because water in this situation is trying to build up on the outside which can contribute hydroplaning.

Another factor that may cause you problems are potholes, it is always good to be aware of your surroundings. A driving school can teach all drivers of the proper way of handling the car during rain. They can provide lectures and tips on how to drive safely under the pouring rain. Drivers are always advised to stay calm in every unexpected situation on the road. During the rain, you must be able to maintain your composure and stay on the direction you wanted to go and lay off your gas. If your vehicle has an ABS brakes you can tap it or lift up the gas pedal. A driving school instructor can teach and advise you not to do these so will not end up making a sudden movement that may cause you to change your driving pattern and lead you to spin out in the road.

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