Tips in Defensive Driving Safety

Learn How to Drive Safely in a Driving School

Defensive Driving

Some drivers tend to neglect or forget to follow the basic preparation needed before driving and the other simple references that need to be considered while operating the vehicle.  If you are a learner from a driving school, you have to make sure that you are following all the rules in driving and even the basic and simple ones to have a safe travel.

If you can’t clearly see the road when you are driving, you are typically bound to have a collision at some point of your journey. So it is very important to make an appointment with your doctor for a regular eye check-up. You will never know that you are already suffering from short or long sightedness. All drivers who have finished training in a driving school and have received their driver’s license are required to undergo an eye test every time they renew their license.  If you are using a shared vehicle make sure to adjust the mirrors to suit to your own height and needs. Make sure you can see the front, what’s coming on the sides and behind you. Check all the mirrors and make sure you will be able to see what the other drivers are doing before starting to travel.

Wearing a seatbelt is a very simple rule in driving taught in a driving school but usually most drivers failed to follow this. If you have children with you when driving, it is very important to have provided a car seat that fits properly in the backseat with belts to secure the children properly. Having them in the front passenger seat is illegal. Car seats that are not properly fitted are one of the causes of major injury in the children at a very young age. You must be smart in purchasing a car seat and choose the one that’s meets the industry standard with good quality.

Student drivers in a driving school are also taught not to eat while behind the wheels.  This will cause a greater risk of collision as the driver will be distracted and will have less ability to control the car well or react to other drivers on the road. Most of the time, drivers have get used to with ordering foods on drive thru and eat with the rest of the passengers in the car. This is a common practice of car owners who may lead to accidents. A driving school is the best place for aspiring drivers who wanted to learn the etiquette in driving. One dangerous situation is that when someone spills a hot drink to one person or drops the food on the lap and made a quick reaction that distracts the driver. The driver’s reaction will affect his driving or he may fail to see another vehicle approaching and the collision will happen.

Don’t over load the car with too much numbers of passengers.  Each state has its own requirement of how many passengers is legally allowed in the car. Your driving school plays a very important role in your driving. There are many defensive driving skills taught in the curriculum which will provide safety to the drivers.

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