Techniques in Braking and Proper Steering

Learn How To Properly Steer and Brake a Car When Driving

Proper Steering and Braking

The turn of the decade has ushered many cars to use the autolock braking system. A driver can easily slam on the brake to forcibly stop the car from moving. The autolock braking system is a good technique to secure the car from moving off to the cliff. However, the system may pose tremendous risks when the car loses the brake itself, because of the lack in car control.

To say, a driving school is teaching new drivers on how to cope with the problem of proper braking. Most drivers are not giving much care to the details on how to properly brake. With the best of knowledge in braking, one can withstand the problem of skidding and sliding while on the road. Through careful analysis on the tips of braking, one can stay safe on the road.

  • Brake Riding. One of the bad habits you can have with braking is riding it. Riding the brake is simply putting your foot on the brake for any necessary braking; the problem is that you may step on the brake even if it is not need. Although, the situation may not bother you, but other drivers, those who are following you, may find it annoying and hard to follow. It will upset other drivers on the road – and will make you an aggressive driver. Worst comes, it may also bring accident on the road as other cars are not expecting you to suddenly stop or decelerate.


  • Brake Early. Another bad mistake most drivers are making with brakes is braking at the last minute. In the driving school, a person is taught to step on the brake and make a stop before the very time. By braking earlier, you will be able to make a smooth stop and it will send better signal and warning to other drivers to possibly avoid the worst of crashing.


  • Braking and Turning. The driving school teaches new drivers to brake when making the turn, but the brake must be applied before the turn. You cannot possibly apply brake at the same time as you make the turn. If you need to turn, slow down before the curve or the corner.


  • Expect the Worst. Another matter you should consider is to see far off. You must know the situation ahead of you because it will make the best preparation on the road. It would be hard for you to take the brake at the last minute. If you rely on the antilock system of the car, skidding and sliding may happen which may cause tremendous accidents on the road. It is still necessary to control your own skills than just relying on the system of the car.


  • Practice Makes Perfect. Being an experienced driver can help avoid the worst of accidents and risks on the road. It is necessary to practice your ability to brake from time to time. Do not be complacent with the situation. You can always practice the skill, either you are in the driving school or you are already on the road.
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