Safety Tips for the Back Seat Driver

Learn Safety Tips for the Back Seat Driver

Back Seat Driver

The back seat driver is any passenger of the car, other than the driver, who wants to control the car. Simply put, he is someone who is not comfortable and does not have confidence on the skill of the driver in handling the car. Because of the poor confidence on the ability of the driver, the back seat driver makes dictations on the driver on how to handle the car, causing uneasiness inside the vehicle.

In such respect, it is necessary for you to consider things that will keep you safe from the mouth of the back seat driver. The following tips will keep you in the right pace while in the road.

  1. Do not react.  Of course, it is very important for you not to react to the reactions and complains of the back seat driver. Just let the person do his complains and his constant and his sermons. Reacting to the complain of the back seat driver will just give you a problem on the impaired driving. Being distracted by the internal nagging of the back seat driver can be analogically compared to the distraction of the constant honking of the car next to yours.


The driving school is very strict in disciplining drivers – and part of the discipline is to keep the person in the right attitude toward passengers. Even if the passengers will complain to their heart’s contents, it is you who is driving. You have the power over the steering wheel.


  1. Do not be angry. On the other hand, it is necessary for you to keep your calm. Yes, internal distraction resulting to anger may also result to aggressions in the road. Because of the complain you have heard from the back seat driver, you may lose the behavior of driving.


You should always consider the bigger picture. The driving school teaches a driver not to be drawn by the idea and emotions while driving. Driving should always involve proper knowledge and common sense, rather than emotions and instincts.


  1. Do confront. If you cannot stand the complains and nagging of the back seat driver, you may stop the car and pull over. Do not talk back while you are driving, but you can always make a stop to settle the problem. The driving school teaches you to stop the car whenever you feel drawn by your emotions – and you want to opt for aggressive driving.


By confronting with the back seat driver, you will be able to command the matter in a higher level. Be sure to communicate with the back seat driver in a proper manner. If you a new driver, the driving school teaches you to listen to the adult driver. In such a case, you may tell the back seat driver to teach you how to drive in a proper way of teaching.


  1. Just drive. Lastly, if you want to avoid the back seat driver, just focus your eyes on the road. Do not make mistakes in driving and the back seat driver will surely shut up.


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