Link of Mobile Phones and Car Accidents

Can you still maintain judgment while handling the call while driving?

The Mobile Phone And Accident Link

Most accidents in the road can be traced to the impairment of the knowledge and judgment of the driver. And one of these distractions that are creating havoc to the lives of the people on the road is the cell phone. Yes, as little as the phone, lives can be at stake. In fact, accidents are reported to happen because of the single call that must be answered or the single prompt text that must be sent.

To fully comprehend the situation, it is necessary to examine each aspect of the mobile phone and accident link, as duly fought in driving school classrooms:

  • Can you still maintain judgment while handling the call while driving?


Truth be told, no one can do two things at the same time, especially if these two things both involve the mind and the physical body of the person. Simply, it is hard for a person to answer the call while handling the steering wheel.


To review, in order for you to answer or make a call, it is necessary for you to hold the device. It is necessary for you just use one hand in controlling the car. In your psyche, the focus must also shift from driving to the call or the conversation over the phone. In fact, the driving school lessons are very straightforward in citing that need of committing total focus and alertness on the road because there are other drivers with different perceptions and ideas on how to drive.


Calling someone while you are driving brings the wrath of the driving school into being. You are putting too much risk to your life and the lives of the passengers, if not the other drivers or pedestrians on the road.


  • Can you keep total focus while texting?


Worst comes to worst, texting can double the risks of accidents on the road compared with calling someone while driving. To understand, texting requires your physical focus on what you are typing. The eye focus must be fixed on the device to see what you are doing. In the same respect, the mind of the person must be focused on the ideas of the text than on the road.


Taking into account the factors, texting while driving is considered a big suicide among driving school instructor. It is like putting yourself in the middle of the accident without having the capacity of getting out.


  • Can you just rely on hand-free devices?

There goes the judgment of just getting out from the physical distractions of calling or texting. Yes, you may use a headset to facilitate the call and avoid getting your hand from the steering wheel. However, you are still in the quandary of mental processes. The mind is a super machine, but you cannot just focus on two things. It is either you give a minimum focus on the other or just eliminate the other.


A driving school condemns the use of the phone while driving, at all considerations. The main reason: no one can assure safety on the road, where other foolish drivers may have been loosed.


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