Is seatbelt violation a serious driving violation?

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Driving Violation

The violation of the code that requires people to wear seatbelt inside a moving vehicle is known as the seatbelt violation. This is one of the instructions given by the qualified instructor during the training of a person who is learning how to operate a vehicle in a driving school. This code was implemented to the purpose of minimizing injury rates in an accident. The punishment for the violation will depend on how the code was applied. But normally, the offender is subject to fines and other additional penalties.

There are other states that consider seatbelt violation as a moving violation and drivers can be charged not only with fines but a more serious one if they will commit the violation. Additional points will be set for the offense in your driving record in which if a driver racks up too many points, license can be subject to suspension or termination. The point system is also one of the preventions so driver will be aware of the outcome of committing a repetition of the violation. In some cases, points are mostly assessed to minors under the argument that as a rule, the driver will be responsible for the safety of his passenger and adults will be responsible for their own actions. Since there are many cases that even experienced drivers who have done different trainings in a driving school would still commit this simple and easy to follow rules, points system has been strictly implemented.

In some places it may not be considered a moving violation and can be settled with only some fines. These fines in moving and non-moving violations can be paid by the person not wearing the seatbelt, not necessarily the driver except for cases where the minors are not wearing the seatbelt. The amount of fines taken will vary depending on the state’s jurisdiction and sometimes there are signs posted about the fines for not wearing a seatbelt in major highways to remind everyone about the violation for more information ask your local driving school.

Enforcement for this kind of violation maybe considered as primary or secondary offense depending on the driving law of that particular state where the violation occurred. If it is a primary violation, the police officer can make a stop on the basis of seat belt violation only. If it is secondary, then there must be another cause why the officer will have to let the driver stop and pull the car over one side. This violation can be speeding or some mechanical violation like missing a light and in this time, passengers or the driver can be ticketed for not wearing seatbelt other than the primary violation committed.

All driving school instructors stress a strict compliance to wearing a seatbelt when driving for both learner and experienced driver. If you will challenge a seat belt violation, it can be an uphill battle. The law will always be on the side of the police officer who claims that a person is not wearing a seat belt. Most of the law enforcers use recording devices during the traffic stop and in such cases, it would be very difficult to argue with the violation.

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