Is it important to practice between Driving Lessons?

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Driving Lessons

Teaching a person how to drive and obtain the necessary driving skills to become a competent and safe driver takes a lot more than just showing them the fundamentals like signaling, steering, braking and maneuvering. Teaching student drivers good driving judgment and their responsibility when they get themselves behind the wheels are also important so that they will be able to meet the challenges they may face in their driving lives. A driving school lesson is always a good start to expose the students to the world of driving.

At the early stages of driving, it is advisable for people to have some lessons with a professional driving instructor so they won’t pick up the bad driving habits. They need a driving school education that will help them get rid of those habits and make them a responsible operator on the road. However, while a student driver is learning to drive with a driving instructor, it is still a good idea for him or her to practice between lessons. If you are a student driver and you have a suitable vehicle and a qualified driver to be with you as you carry out your practice between lessons, you can expect your driving school instructor to provide you with professional suggestions on what you must work on. Every student driver has individual progress and every vehicle has their own unique characteristics so it is mostly important that your instruction will be developed accordingly.

It is important to note that a private practice between lessons is not means to be a driving lesson. According to research, learner drivers who integrate formal lessons from a driving school instructor with friends or families strengthen their possibility to pass their driving test the first time they take it. Also, they are much less prone to be engaged in serious collisions after passing the exam.

When you learn to drive, it is very necessary that your driver training is appropriately structured. You must talk to your driving school instructor when you intend to take private practice between your lessons. If possible, it is also helpful for the instruction when parents will sit-in the back of the practice car during driving lessons so they will be able to witness the progress shown by their kids in the professional tuition. As parents and instructors pair up this way, the student driver’s relatives can give the best complement and support possible instead of criticizing the main skills that the driving school instructor taught to their kids.

On the part of the parents who drive with their kids during the private practice, they should make sure that they do not utilize the time spent behind the wheel to talk about irrelevant issues. Parents should keep in mind that they are spending that time with their kids to support him and make him apply and practice the skill he has learned from his driving school lesson. They should also make a good lesson planning to minimize anxiety that they and their child may feel.

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