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Learn How to Drive

Driving can be the most engaging activity a person can do.  Nothing can beat driving along the countryside; the wind blowing through you face and it feels like the day is all yours for the taking. However, not everyone has the privilege of learning how to drive. If you are one of those people who can’t drive but really want to learn then you should continue reading this article because this article is about learning how to drive.

First, you should know if the vehicle you are driving is on manual or automatic transmission. Know that automatic transmission doesn’t have a clutch. Then before you start, always remember to check the B. L. O. W. B. A. G. or the Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, and Gas. Roll down the doors as this will help you hear the engine better for proper transmission. And just before you drive, fasten your seatbelts. Safety must always be first.

Next is Identify the pedals and how it works. To left side is the clutch, the middle is the brake, and the right side is the accelerator also called as the gas. The clutch is the one that disengages the gears of the spinning engine so that the teeth don’t grind when you switch gears. Before switching gears the clutch must be pressed. The brakes put your vehicle into a stop. And finally the accelerator makes you go.

Now that you know the different pedals, time for you to sit in the car. Adjust the car seats forward, just enough for you to press the clutch and the brakes fully to the floor using your left foot. Then press the clutch pedal fully to the floor and hold. Then put the gear shift to neutral. This is the middle position of the gear shift. And while still holding the clutch pedal, you may now start the car. When the engine is already running, you may now release the clutch as long as the gear shift is on the neutral position.

Now, press the clutch again then put the gear shift to the first gear. Follow the visual layout of the positions on top of the gear shift’s knob. In order to start moving, press the accelerator slowly while also slowly releasing the clutch. Remember to balance the pressing of the accelerator to the releasing of the clutch pedal. This may be quite difficult to master but if you are just determined, you will learn it in no time at all.

When you are already driving and your RPM would reach for up to 3000 to 4000, it is now the time to shift into second gear. This will make your car speed up. However, it also depends on the car to what RPM the gear needs to be shifted. You as the driver must learn to recognize the noise so you won’t have to keep on looking at the tachometer.

And that is it. You are now driving. Just be sure to check the side and rear mirrors always and put your eyes on the road. Drive safely.

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