If I’m 15 ½ and completed the classes, do I need anything else before acquiring my permit?

How to obtain a learner's permit?

Drivers Learner's Permit

A learner’s permit is a restricted license that an individual who is learning to drive can get. This permit is often a requirement when a person wants to apply for a driver’s license.  Typically, it is important for the person to pass a written permit test that will tackle about the rules of the road. In some jurisdictions, when a person possesses this permit with permission and some written documentation from his legal guardian, he will be allowed to drive to and from work and school. Most learner drivers take a driving course from a reputed driving school to surely pass the learner’s permit test.

To be able to obtain a learner’s permit, a person should be at least 15 years old and must have taken a classroom instruction and behind the wheel driver training. The latter training is provided to students after the completion of the classroom instruction that any reputable driving school offers to them. Licensed instructors will train students using dual-controlled cars that are equipped to ensure the safety of the students. A foot brake of the instructor is attached to the passenger side located near the floor in order to slow down the students at some points.

When you are 15 ½ and wishes to obtain a learner’s permit, you should take the behind the wheel training after your knowledge training where you will be taught by your driving school instructor with various driving aspects. Your instructor will let you drive on a surface road and learn the fundamental controls of the vehicle as well its maneuvers. After this session, you will proceed to the more advanced portion of the training such as night driving. Taking behind the wheel training is helpful to boost your confidence to take your permit test. You will be taught by the driving school instructor all safe driving methods and the skills needed to maneuver a vehicle in many situations. When you have completed the requirements, you will be provided by the school with a verification certificate.

Behind the wheel training takes about six to ten hours to complete and your driving school instructor will be with you along the way. Often, this is separated in two-hour sessions based on the time that is convenient for the student. Upon the completion of this course, the student can make more practice to make himself ready to take the drive’s exam after six months of having his learner’s permit in possession.

For you to pass the learner’s permit test, make sure you take some practice permit tests. The most effective way to be sure that you have all knowledge about the rules of the road is to go through as many test questions as you can before you get yourself to the DMV. It is important that you know the kind of questions to be asked. Your driving school will provide you with practice tests so these can be a good start. If you want more, you can go online and find other resources. There are available practice tests that the DMV provides in the websites that they maintain.

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