How to Properly Install Car Seats

Learn How to Properly Install Car Seats

Properly Install Car Seats

Proper installation of car seats is necessary on every vehicle to keep seats safe to use. It might be a little scary seeing the statistics of road accidents where children are involved. When installing a car seat, you read the information provided for you by both the seat manufacturers and car companies. Remember that the security of your child inside the car partly has something to do with the way you have installed the seats. Most of the driving school instructors who handled your driver’s education training can give you a few tips on how to install safely your car seats.

First you have to choose the appropriate material of the seats and a seat appropriate for your child’s age and weight. Purchase a non-slip rubber shelf liner o you may use a seat saver to under your car seat. This will help keep the vehicle clean and will prevent the car seat from sliding. Then you read the manuals given by the car seat manufactures and the car company. If you ask your driving school instructor where to safely install your new seat, he will surely say at the backseat. This is the safest place for a child’s safety inside the car. Sometimes seat instruction manual will specify a certain place to where the seats should be placed. If you don’t like the location, you can use the middle rear seat which is generally used by parents.

Properly installing the car seats is one of the topics discussed in a driving school because part of the safety rules in driving is keeping the passengers safety. Many parents with new born baby like to choose the seat that comes with a separate base where the base is fixed in the car. You can take the baby carrier out and snapped it back at will. Infant seat bases are made of flexible Latch connectors and essentially belt with hooks in the end.

Your driving school instructor or anyone who is familiar with car safety will know how to install properly your car seats. Normally, if you have chosen the seat with a base, you have to check the latch attachment and hook far away from you onto the anchor and you try to pull out the slack. If you can’t reach on the top, use all of your strength to push the seats while hooking on the second attachment. If you chose a rear facing car seat, you can use this for your 1 year old or 20 pounds baby. This can be changed later to forward facing seat when the height and weight of the child changes.

Booster seat is appropriate for 8-12 years old while seat belt for 13years and above. The training in the driving school will provide you knowledge on how to secure your children inside your car. The driving instructors will teach you how to properly wear the seatbelts for a child. It should be put properly and comfortably in a child’s shoulder and chest to protect them during a collision.

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