Hazard perception test tips

Hazard Perception Test Tips

Hazard Perception Test

A hazard is something that will cause the driver to change direction, speed or stop the vehicle they are driving. For anyone who will take a hazard perception test, the 14 videos you will be watching during the test contains at least 1 hazard each clip. The video will have no sound and you will be looking at it as if you are the one who drives the car. Whenever you see a developing danger on the video, you can click the mouse either left or right. Your score will be determined according to the speed of clicking the mouse button while the hazard develops. You can find a driving school nowadays that hold the test for new learners to develop their hazard perception skills with a minimum score of 44 to pass the test.

The examination process starts with a short video tutorial which will be played to explain to you about the perception test and the requirements you need to do. At the end of the video you will be given an option to watch the video again or proceed to the examination. A driving school hazard perception test is a second section of the theory test that must be passed at the same time. When the clip is starts, you will see a freeze frame first and after the countdown the video will play. You will then be required to click the mouse and determine each developing hazards on the clip. You will know if your click has been registered if a red flag appears on a grey band across the bottom of your screen. When the clip is finished the flags will be removed before starting the next clip.

This is a newly develop way of lessons in a driving school which is very important part of the theory test that will enhance the driver’s ability to maneuver even a very dangerous situation on the road. The clips presented during the test, contains several potential hazards but only those that materializes into a real hazard with other drivers are marked. So you will only receive a score if you spot the danger caused by another driver before it is developed.  The hazard will be materialized if you notice the driver is taking an evasive action.

If you are taking the test you can ask a few information or useful tips from a driving school instructor on how to take the test. There are hazards that will actually not materialize and you will not be receiving any score if you spot them. It is sometimes difficult to spot the danger on the video so it is safer to click a few times if you spot one but make sure you will not close too early and missed the opening of window. There are many hazards that you can look for such as pedestrian or cyclist crossing the road, large vehicles moving over to your side of the road, vehicles emerging from side roads, parking places or driveways and meeting oncoming vehicles on narrow roads or animals that sometimes wander in the streets.

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