Handling Your Driving Record Properly

A driving school can help you to have access to your driving history or record.

Handling Your Driving Record

When you receive a driver’s license, you also have a driving history created for you. Details of your driver’s license are logged in the driving abstract, subject to the verification and updates of the state’s DMV. Any accident, violation, and action you make while in the road will be logged in the driving history. And the same driving record remains attached to you for the rest of your life, or until you drive a vehicle off the road.

Right now, a driving school can help you to have access to your driving history or record. The driving school can request for a facsimile copy of the driving record from the driver’s license office or from the DPS.

Access of the driving history, through a driving school, allows you to:

  • Correct Mistakes. When a trooper issues you a traffic ticket or send you a traffic violation ticket in the mail box even if you haven’t been in the area stated in the traffic ticket, you can appeal for correction. You may check the driving record for possible mistakes in the abstract.


Together with a driving school, you can get a full knowledge on how you are viewed by the DPS or the insurance company. By rectifying any mistake, you will be able to benefit from the hefty amounts you must pay for the ticket points.


  • Log Defensive Driving Courses. Even if you have attended a driving school defensive course, you may lose the chance to have it credited to your driving record. You can check the driving history to see if all defensive driving courses, driver’s improvement courses, or traffic reduction courses are properly logged to the driving history for the reduction of points or for the elimination of some minor offenses.


  • Traffic Points. Access to your driving abstract tracks the stain of the record due to the traffic points. In the same way, you can update the payments of the fees and penalties of the traffic violations. Always remember that the state has the right to register you as a negligent driver if you have large accumulated traffic violations.


  • Employment Purposes. If you intend to work in a trucking company or a transportation-based industry, you must clean the driving history first. You should have a clear track of the driving history to find new solutions and ways to handle the ticket violation. With the updates, you will be able to tap the right driving school course that will help you clean the driving history.


  • Insurance. Insurance companies may also request a facsimile copy of your driving history. They use the driving history in determining the rate of the insurance coverage or policy you want. The insurance company notifies you about the insurance rate – and you will be shocked with the result. The reason is your driving history.


It is necessary to check your driving abstract every now and then, before you apply for the insurance policy. You should check out the nearest driving school for options of courses you can take.

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