Handling Road or Block Corners

Learn how to make good turns in intersections and road corners.

How To Make Good Turns

During the practical driving examination, it is very important to consider junctions, intersections, and road corners. A state driving examiner focuses on how a new driver controls the car as he or she approaches these areas of the road. When a new driver reaches more than 15 violations, the application for the driver’s license may not be approved by the state. The driving school training aids a person on how to approach road corners without the crashes and major violations.

To help you prepare for the driving examination, the driving school trains new drivers on how to make good turns – and how to make cornering. Below are the steps to follow in making corners:

  1. If have drafted the route you are taking – and you already the next corner you need to take – it is very important to slow down. As a rule of the thumb, do not slow down and make a turn. Braking while turning may lose your ability to respond to swerving the pulling force of the turn and speed.


Nearing the corner you will cross, you shift from high to low gear to effect the deceleration of the car. At the moment, you have changed to low gear, you may apply the brake. Slowly depress the brake pedal as you reach the corner. Slowing down positions the car properly without the rush.


  1. If you need to make a corner at the left side, be sure to take the leftmost area of the road or the lane. It will avoid any collision of an approaching car as you make the corner. Moreover, it is very important to keep other drivers posted with your intents to approach the corner. Signals can keep their slow speed to avoid unnecessary collisions with other cars.


  1. In negotiating with the corner, do not stall the car movement. Be sure to retain the speed of the car; do not slow down or increase speed. It will help you to avoid the worst of crashing on other cars. Drivers have also considered the speed of your car – and it is necessary to keep them posted with that speed.


When you already make the corner, it is vital to make a position in the lane. The reason why you should keep the speed is to avoid waiting moments for other cars.


  1. In approaching the corner, be sure to hold the steering wheel. If you can feel some slides on a wet road, do not brake. Keep the speed of the car. Other drivers have already considered the speed of your car movement.

Staying safe in the road is the thrust of the driving school. The driving training you can get from the driving school, you are assured to pass the driving examination for the driver’s license. But most importantly, you will be able to stay safe in the road – and the passengers you have.

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