Certified Vs Non-Certified Driving School

Planning to enroll in a driving education class?

Certified Driving School

Planning to enroll in a driving education class? Maybe you wanted to choose the right driving school for your teens. In every state, there are hundreds of driving schools that offer various education program and training that one can readily take advantage. However, before you take the rush decision in enrolling in a driving school, why don’t you do a simple research.

There are schools that offer driving education that are not duly certified by the government Traffic Safety Education. Yes, there are two basic types of driving schools – a certified and a non-certified driving school. The difference of both can help you select what driving school to choose for your teen.



Comparing the driving education provision of the certified and the non-certified driving school, a certified will always stand out. Why? Because of the strict compliance with the requirements set by the government, it is necessary for the certified driving school to provide quality driving education to help students pass the rules and regulations tests that are requisites for the driver’s license.

A non-certified driving school is not allowed and supervised by the Traffic Safety Education of the government and does need to pass any high quality regulation. To say, the quality of the driving education that non-certified driving schools can provide is not truly of quality and in great state.



In getting the driver’s license, it is necessary to pass the rules and regulation examinations. On the other  states, a certificate of completing a training from a certified driving school is a requirement to get the license fast and easy. Yes, you have a leverage in getting the license because the traffic division is assured that you already acquire the knowledge to stay safe in the road.

In fact, with the non-certified driving school, it is as if you are not enrolled to any driving education program. You can also use the non-certified school training if the state will not require a certification of completing a driving lesson or program.



If you think about the price, choosing a non-certified driving school is a good choice. Why? Most certified driving schools cost higher than non-certified ones. You need to pay extra for the high quality education that the school can provide.

You will not surely lose in this situation because you can greatly enjoy benefits with certified driving school. They can help you get your license faster without all the necessary waiting. Yes, if you want to cut the waiting, it is worth to pay extra.



Although, non-certified driving schools may also have certified instructors; but with the certified school, it is expected that all instructors are duly allowed by the state. You can enjoy the knowledge of the certified professional instructor in helping you learn the tips and techniques in driving defensively.



Because quality must be kept by the driving school with the driving education program, it is necessary to review the curriculum that is being followed for the training. A thorough curriculum could help students get the most learning and knowledge that they need to pass the tests that will be given by the license division. The preparation of the certified driving school is  one of the top, and you can be assured of passing any exam that will be given.

In choosing between certified and non-certified, you must choose with the best one that can provide you most potential in learning about driving. Get the advantages and benefits of choosing certified driving schools. There are certified schools in your area; you don’t need to worry about getting one.


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