Benefits of Clutch Control

Learn The Proper Way of Controlling Your Clutch When Driving

Clutch Control

The driving school exposes you to the various techniques in moving the car from the parking area in and out. Movement of the car employs the right clutch control, which is necessary to make the most of everything. A good knowledge on how to apply clutch control gives you confidence and ascendancy over the problem of the road.

As discussed in the driving school, the clutch is composed of two metal plates that are attached to the engine of the car. These metal plates are connectors of the drive wheels and the car engine. To illustrate, stepping on the clutch pedal separates the metals plats from the car engine, moving the connection from the car engine from the drive wheels. During this “biting movement”, a driver can apply change of gears for any situation in the road. After which, the metal plates will be back in place as the driver leaves the clutch pedal.

Proper clutch control is designed as part of the driving school curriculum because of its importance to the entire movement of the car, both in deceleration and acceleration. Approaching an intersection, a driver steps on the clutch medal to initiate separation of the car engine and the drive wheels, this facilitates the deceleration or slowing down. In turning points, parking, slowing and speeding up, clutch control is a supreme action that must be applied with accuracy.

Taking into account the basic of the clutch control, the following importance forms the foundation of the need to learn how to apply clutch properly.

  • Driving at Low Speed. The driving school practices the ability of the person to apply clutch control to enable moving at slow speed under the low gear. This is a necessary technique that enables a person to move slowly without stalling the gear out. In parking or moving in intersections or turns, slow speed is a very important skill that will keep a person out of accidents.


As designed in the driving school, it is important for the driver to halfway apply the clutch to engage the clutch to the drive wheels at a low gear complimenting the engine speed.


  • Spinning Wheels. In adverse situations, such as winter driving, clutch control gains a big part of the skills. Of course, wheel spinning is a major problem of winter driving, which is necessary to be acted on by the driver. Clutch control allows the driver to apply high gear while slightly separating the metal plates from the car engine. This will enable the car to control the wheels at maximum gear without moving so fast.


  • Using High Gear. Lastly, if you need to accelerate the speed of the car, slipping the clutch control of the car can help to possibly increase the torque of the engine. It is a good way for the car to move at maximum speed using the high gears of the car, which can be applied by the driver as clutch control is being utilized.
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