Avoid To Damage Your Clutch

Learn How To Maintain Your Clutch

Avoid To Damage Your Clutch Control

As s already mentioned in this guide resource, proper clutch control has a great role in safety driving. In fact, clutch control is one of the important lessons that are taken into consideration during the classroom discussion of the course. As recommended, it is necessary for a person to check the workability of the clutch before taking the car out of the garage.

Before you diagnose the clutch problem, it is first necessary to adjust the pedal if it’s working properly. Maybe the problem is not external and bound to the clutch; maybe the problem revolves around the clutch pedal adjustment. However, if you have applied the basic of adjustments you have learned from the driving school, you can now check the following common problems:


If the vehicle is shaking when you are driving it, with high possibility, the clutch experiences chatter. Chatter happens when the metals of the clutch engages with the drive wheels and the car engine, but suddenly stops the engagement causing the car to shake and move in a chattering motion.

Lessons of the driving school about the basic of the car mechanics discuss the situation of the chatter. To properly diagnose the problem, you shift the gear of the car to the first power by depressing the clutch metals, while revving the car engine to 150rpm. As the biting point gets excited for the first gear, you slowly release the clutch.

Technically, the common cause of the clutch chatter is the leaking of the fluids to the clutch metals, which damages the friction generated and engaged by the metals to the car engine and the drive wheels.


Vibration of the car can be caused by the friction of the damper pulley to the body of the car. There are also accessories that may be causing vibration to the car as they are attached to the body. However, if you can find any problem in the accessories and the peripheral pulleys, it is necessary to check the pressure plates, flywheel, and any loose bolts therein. These situations may have caused the vibration of the car. Learn the different parts of the car from the driving school lessons.


This is a basic of clutch problem that you will learn from the driving school. If the disc or metals of the clutch are not properly engaged and attached to the engine and the drive wheels upon depression of the clutch, dragging occurs. In this process, it would be hard to shift from gear to another because of binding or overtaking of each gear causing clashes. To properly address the matter, check the lever, the flywheel, the pressure plates, and the entire clutch system for any defective component.


Another problem of the clutch is the slippage. Of course, in the driving school, you learn how to apply and change the gears of the car as the necessity arises. When you have applied the high gears and the engine is revving so fast, but you cannot see the speed result, slippage is the probable cause. Worn-out disc plates or soaked pressure plates are common reasons of the problem, which cause the clutch not work during the gear shift.

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