Zigzag driving: Why Avoid This?

Learn how to avoid zigzag driving

Zigzag Driving

Operating a vehicle can be fun for expert drivers but new drivers must get acquainted with basic driving rules to safeguard their safety. This can be possible by practicing defensive driving skills and by being completely aware of the possible risks of incompetent and irresponsible driving to road users. When you are a motorist who is educated by a driving school course, you have all necessary skills and knowledge to avoid road accidents that may be caused by another driver.

Such course made you aware of the effects of zigzag driving. This style of driving is not only dangerous for you but also for other motorists and people on the road. When you are driving a motorcycle, there is the temptation to go along with the high accelerating power of your vehicle. Any driving school lesson will tell you not to misuse this. If necessary, do not overtake. Keep in mind that the slightest collision at higher speed will really be fatal.

Overtaking can be fun as much as driving; however, it should be done with care and within the rules. Your driving school instructor must have taught you how to overtake safely in such a way that you won’t end up driving in a zigzag manner. What’s important when you overtake is not to end up with opportunist and impulsive overtakes. The right time to determine whether you want to overtake or not is when you first operate your vehicle and not when there is visible gap between you and other vehicles. Your driving school instruction will let you know what will happen if you push your way through this kind of thinking. Zigzag driving occurs when you take advantage of all potential spaces through which you can make a lead.

Overtaking can help you when you are stuck behind one or two slow moving cars on an open road. You can also overtake when keep a good cruising speed on motorways; however, in most cases, this can be a waste of fuel, time and effort and often stressful. When you studied driving in a driving school, you will get to know what maneuvers you are suppose to use to keep yourself and others safe. When you are following a long line of traffic or heading to a built up area, overtaking a single or couple of cars may not affect your entire journey time; however, this can increase your risk of a road accident. You should stick to your lane while you overtake and take turns and should avoid zigzag driving so you can be sure to reach your destination safely.

A driver who took a driving school course is expected to practice safety driving. While there can be unexpected situations on the roads that my cause accidents, driving safely will reduce your risk of getting into an accident. Keep in mind also that providing the right signals is helpful to ward off accidents as well. It is ideal to signal ahead so other drivers are aware of your moves and turns.

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