Will my lessons in a driving school tackle about DUI offenses?

Learn How To Avoid DUI Offenses in Your State

Driving Under Influence (DUI)

In some places drivers who make a second offense for driving under influence (DUI) will be given serious charges according to the jurisdiction of the state. If a driver is convicted with a second DUI, he is considered as a repeat offender. According to the law, the first conviction of the driver given the appropriate punishment for driving under influence has not prevented him from committing the same offense again. This is the reason why, most repeat offenders are given harsher punishment not only to remove all his privileges as a driver, but also to understand the seriousness of the violation he has done. In most cases, an individual who is convicted with DUI offense will face longer periods of driver’s license suspension, extended term in DUI School and longer period of time in jail.

A driving school’s curriculum has been teaching new learners and even amateur drivers that a DUI, no matter how many times an individual is arrested for it, is always considered a serious offense. However, the law states that each subsequent offense of DUI is actually more serious than the first violation made. This means that for a person who will commit a DUI offense for the first time the punishment will be milder because he has not been in trouble before and due to the considerable fact that anyone can make a mistake once. But for a driver who will commit the same mistake again, the punishment could be more serious  because the violator is already aware the laws about the offense  as it has been taught in the driving school and apparently understands the consequences of his actions but still he committed the same violation again.

Lectures and discussion about DUI are often provided by a driving school as part of their courses to educate drivers on what DUI is all about. Usually a person who has owned a driver’s license is already aware of the laws of driving and DUI is part of it. Normally, first DUI law violators will be given a six months suspension of his driver’s license according to the state’s jurisdictions. A person who is convicted with a second offense of DUI will have his license suspended for about two years or might lose it entirely.

Many states recommended drivers to enroll in a defensive driving course provided by most driving schools to achieve more skills, techniques and knowledge about driving laws. Mandatory jail sentence are more likely to be experience by DUI offenders. At least 48 hours to be in prison for first time violators and for repeated offenders, it can be twice more.  There other jurisdiction that will give 10-30 days imprisonment for violators.

More often, second time violators will be given a probation and will be required to complete the particular hours given to attend a DUI  school education. This school will provide a drug and alcohol education. Some offenders are given up to five years probation. Longer time of participation in an educational program for DUI second violators will also be required.

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