Why Leaving a Child in a parked car is a no-no

Learn why leaving a child in a parked car is a no-no

Children in a Parked Car

Many states have considered leaving a child to stay alone in the car a dangerous and illegal activity. This is because of the possibility that the child could die from hyperthermia as the temperature gets really hot inside a parked car. Moreover, a child who is tall enough to reach the gears and the pedals of a vehicle can possibly cause injuries to herself or the others if she will attempt to move the vehicle. If you are a trained driver in a driving school, you are already aware of the consequences of such action. So if you have seen a child left in the vehicle alone, contact the proper authorities to prevent an accident and harm the child.

If you have seen an unattended child inside the car at a gasoline station, there might be a chance that the parents are just around or inside the facility paying for the gas. Try to check inside and inquire if the vehicle where the child is belongs to anyone. You can also ask the customer service to make an announcement if the store is quite large. Such actions of parents must not be taken for granted, if you are a driving school instructor and you have seen the situation you know where this problem would lead to. You may call a police or emergency hotline from your mobile or any pay phone available. Speak to them the address of the location of the unattended child. Give the vehicles description such as the brand, color and license plate number. You may also provide the your contact number so they can keep in touch with you in case they have difficulty in finding the exact location of the vehicle where the child is currently in. This situation is only one of the most dangerous cases discussed in a driving school.

Stay near the car where the child is located. Even if you are waiting for the child’s parents, you need to make sure to check the child every now and then to make sure he is not harmed while waiting for adult to show up and assist him. You can wait in your own car and keep an eye on the vehicle. If you have called a police station, they might need you for some interrogations about the situation.

Part of the lessons of a driving school will provide information about the laws of transporting small children. Anyone who failed to follow these laws would lead to more serious consequences such as the involvement of Child Protective Services and jail time. Some states requires children under 4 years old must use an approve child safety restraint system. The child’s safety is also one of the biggest concerns of a driving school. Children over 4 years old but below 8 must be secured in the car using booster seats which will raise the child to aid the seat belt system to work effectively and avoid accident. A driving school can teach student learners to look out for the safety and welfare of our most innocent citizens.

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