Why is it difficult to drive after the rain?

Learn the safety in driving when raining.

Defensive Driving Course

One of the most difficult and dangerous road conditions in driving is when the road is wet because of rain. If you will drive after the rain, you should be aware that normally, the road is covered with a thin layer of water, oil and grease which can reduce friction and cause the car to skid. The kind of technique in driving used in this situation is taught in a defensive driving course offered by a driving school. It is also said that driving in the rain can contend with poor vision. It is very important to stay focused when driving on a wet road to prevent injuries, damages or loss of life. The tires must also be well maintained to have the right possible traction.

If you have observed, if it has not rained for a long time, the road will be very slippery with only a little rain. This is because everyday a small amount of lubricants and oil drip from everybody’s car as they drive. These substances will accumulate the surface of the road until they will be washed away. The first rainfall will loosen up the greasy materials on the road surface while creating an oily slick that is very dangerous for every moving vehicle on the highway. If you want to get on the road after a rain, you need to be aware that your normal way of driving might be interfered with the slick materials present on the road most especially if you will go on a higher speed. Young learners and even amateur drivers are advised to take up a more advanced driving education in a driving school which can either be done online or through a classroom course to learn the best way of dealing with skids.

Hard rain can produce deep puddles on the road and may cause your car to hydroplane when skimming across the water. Roads which are poorly drained can create huge pools of water that seems not so serious deep until you drive on them and your car will spin out of control. If it is possible for you to do it, always avoid puddles when driving after a heavy rainfall. If you cannot find a way to avoid puddles, drive slowly through it to avoid hydroplaning.

One major threat to safe driving when raining is poor visibility as you will have less awareness of pedestrians, oncoming cars and hazards on the road. A good windshield can be very helpful when driving in this situation. It is also very important to keep your lights on and drive slowly in the rain to be always prepared for every possible hazardous situation that may come along.

If you have completed a defensive driving course in a driving school, you will have enough knowledge on how to maneuver when a skid occurs and deal with the situation properly. Staying calm is the first thing that you have to do to avoid mistakes as you move you maneuver your car. During this difficult situation, try to stir gently into the skid, stop accelerating and allow the car to find the road again. It would also helpful if you flash your lights to warn other commuters on the road that you are in a difficult situation. 

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