When is the Right Time to Blow Horns?

Learn the right time to blow its horn

The Horn Honking Etiquette

There are different types of distraction that may divert a driver’s attention while operating a truck, car, or other vehicle. These may include children loudly talking in the backseat, using a mobile phone to call and send messages, having not enough sleep and eating or applying makeup while in the highway. If you will be trained in a driving school, you will know that these distractions are very dangerous. The survey shows that many accidents would have been prevented if only all drivers would know the dangers of distracted driving and some common risky behaviors.

Unnecessary horn honking can be considered a distraction for other drivers. A person who operates an automobile must understand the right time to blow its horn. Basically, in a driving school the horn honking etiquette is also part of its curriculum. Horn honking is only used to promote safety driving. Use it in the most reasonable situation; for example if your brakes have gone out, you can use the horn to alert other drivers on the road. However, sometimes it is common and acceptable to drivers to horn during situations that don’t trigger a collision. This happen sometimes if a driver during a stop light was not paying and was not moving as the light signals to go. You can wait for about 4 seconds and then give a light tap of your horn to catch his attention. The driving school instructor have emphasized during the training that giving a quick beep has a very big difference from giving a long prolonged honk.

It is also appropriate to make a quick honk to a driver who is very close to your lane line or nearly hit you. This indicates that you have warned him of the error he just did. Never use your horn to vent frustrations to other drivers. Horn honking is not a way to tell another driver that you don’t like his driving. If you see that someone’s driving triggers an ongoing danger, you may call a police. A driving school education is preferably set for drivers to know every activity that they may encounter on the road. Aggressive horn honking in many instances is the reason for road rage. This is because you never know how they will react with your blaring horn. If you want to honk a horn to someone you can do it lightly so it will not mean anything to them. Avoid yelling, using bad words and hand gestures to show that you are angry.

It is not acceptable to use your horn to catch your friend’s attention as you drive past them. You might alarm other drivers and cause them to suddenly slam on the break or make other dangerous maneuvers. A driving school instructor usually warns his student drivers not to honk their horn if they get stuck in a traffic jam. Sometimes honking in some cities can be against the law. However, you don’t have to worry about breaking the law, just use your horn appropriately when necessary.

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